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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Jono8192, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. Now, before you all have a go at me, I am only posting what the recruiter at my AFCO said to me.

    Basically, I wish to join the Parachute Regiment. However I said I was thinking of staying on at 6th Form for a couple more months. The recruiter (a Sergeant in the Army Air Corps), said that during this time I could go into the TA in order to get my fitness up and get some experience etc, and then change over to the Paras.

    I forgot at the time, though, to ask him if I could start my TA training, and if my fitness got a lot better, if I could quit and go in to the regulars at any time during the training process?

    I'll call them and ask at the earliest time I can but in the meantime can anyone please help at all or is this one for the recruiting Sgt?
  2. Simply put - yes you can go over to the regulars when you want.

    And It's some good advice he gave you in getting the experience and such, if you are up for that that is. It would give you a good taster of army life.

    Get in contact with 4PARA if joining the TA interests you, however, not sure what standpoint a unit might have on only having a guy for a few months then having him leave. I personally don't see a problem though if you are going regular.
  3. Yeah i agree, im still quite new at my unit (still going through TSC (A)) and ive noticed there are many many posters and what not around with a view to anyone from the unit joining the regs.

    I too got a positive word from 2IC when i mentioned i had thought about going reg and passing AOSB.
  4. During my recruiting process and CMSR we were told a few times that its possible to transfer to the regs and bypass phase one of your basic trianing. A couple of the lads decided they wanted to join the regs, unfortunatly the TA training staff had been telling them a load of old tosh and they had to start basic training right at the beginning. Being in the TA didn't gain them anything except perhaps some idea of what they were letting themselves in for and a bit of basic fitness!
  5. I don't really care that much that I would have to repeat Phase 1.

    I would probably leave my TA Unit after Phase 1 anyway as Phase 2 is learning to be a van/truck driver etc.

    Hopefully I'll get more insight into Army life though, and get fitter at the same time :D
  6. There is no point in joining the TA for a couple of months. Your paperwork will not even be processed before you join the Para Regt. The idea of transferring from TA to Regular is still in its infancy and each A+SD takes a view on each individual as to whether to a) allow the transfer to take place and b) what elements, if any, of the regular recruit training/phase 2 training to waive.

    Don't rely on the TA to get you fit. The TA is by definition a part-time organisation. You have to do the leg work yourself. Get your trainers on and hit the streets.
  7. So why should the unit bother to give a valuable place on that course to you?