Service suitability check...

So I'm a little bit pissed off, but moreso I'm confused, and looking for some help...
So about a year ago I started an application to join the Australian army, I completed the YOU session and medical etc. and thought happy days...well not so I find.
First up I received a letter stating that I was medically unfit for service for reasons X,Y, and Z. Now to be fair I was completely honest on the med q's and didn't think my previous injuries would be an issue. Long story short, after 9mths of requesting med docs from UK and getting a specialist review over here in Australia, I had an appeal which covered all the issues and it was approved in Jan.
10th Jan rolls in and I'm told a "Service suitability check" is to be carried out. This things is like a mythical creature in which everyone knows its name but not much more as I found out. Was told it would take around 6 wks, so I thought no forward to now, 4mths later and no one can tell me anymore than wait out. I understand things do take time but it doesn't stop one getting pissed off...obviously this is Arrse, a forum for the British military, but was thinking maybe someone could give me some sort of advice, explanation about 1. What the check is
2. Timeframe

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