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Service Stripe - number 1's


have tried looking for this through google etc. If here, apologies.

I am trying to trace an old photo of a family member. He appears to have 2 long service stripes (bottom of HIS left hand sleeve) in the photo taken of him in his Number 1's.

Can anyone confirm that stripes approx 2 inch from the sleeve are long service and how long each one signifies?

Thanks very much

Good Conduct Stripes
On 1 March 1881 a GO moved good conduct chevrons from the right arm to the left
arm. Large chevrons worn point-up on the left forearm, similar in size to that
which an NCO wears point down on the upper arm, were for good conduct. In WW1
they were worn by soldiers under the rank of Corporal, 2nd Corporal or
Bombardier, for the following service:

1 chevron = 2 years
2 chevrons = 6 years
3 chevrons = 12 years
4 chevrons = 18 years
5 chevrons = 23 years
6 chevrons = 28 years
and apparently it could go as high as 10 chevrons for 50 years.

From RootsWeb: GREATWAR-L [WW1] Wound Stripes, Good Conduct Stripes & Overseas Service Chevrons

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