Service related health problems. Whats yours?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Flagrantviolator, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. Mine is a facked ankle and 32% hearing loss in right ear.
    Also rampant alcoholism and socially-crippling sarcasm
  2. Knees and back trashed, torn ligament in my left foot, incipient arthritis in my fingers, wrecked cartilage in my nose, piles and probably cirrhosis of the liver.

    Basically, I'm fucked.
  3. Bloated belly from extreme John Smiths intake over the years.
  4. Two fecked ankles, both knees, left wrist and right hand :roll:

    Oh, and a extreme hankering for wobbly.

    Extreme allergy for the British weather :D
  5. Ah ah ah ah I told you it was fcuking chilly over here at the moment, you should be used to it being a sweaty.
  6. Chilly? Fcuking chilly?

    If the airport staff didn't get me off that plane last night, I'd be back home, on the beach watching the football with a beer :cry:
  7. Serosis Of The Liver. :)
  8. titanium pelvis, femur, cheek.. fecked back, and legs none of my own teeth

    and a bit of a "man Flu" because it is getting to that time of year
  9. Knackered knees and shoulders, impaired hearing in right ear.
    Young man's mind in an old man's body.
  10. Cow

    Cow LE

    Both knees buggered, inability to take things seriously.
  11. Knackered knees, ankles, shoulder, selective deafness and occasionally blind drunk but apart from that current pulheems grade is P2 FE.
  12. Knackered back, knees, and ankle but I always was an ungainly bugger.

    And I still have nightmares about the College Drill Sergeant at Sandhurst. :)
  13. Completely f*cked actually. The 'war pension' is pawltry especially when compared with what a local policeman got for a slight loss of hearing in one ear (over twice what I was 'awarded'). At least partial deafness isn't going to kill him.
  14. Posts deleted. Off topic. And this is not the Naafi.

    Nuff zed.

  15. Purely Mental. I've developed a strange attraction to fat, ugly women??

    Oh also knees, back, hearing and warts