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It was quite a while ago that i posted on this site with referance to researching my grandfathers service records and the border regiment. I recieved them the other month and they were quite interesting. a qick resume if you dont mind;
joined 8th Oct 1940.-R W Fusiliers(70th bn)
transferred to welch regiment 1942.(30th bn)
transferred to 4 border regt (8.8.42)(34c)
attached to 60th field regt R A
hospital from 29/7/44 to 11/8/44
back with 4 border(34c)
proceeded to 206 reception camp for special python???
18 holding bn india 3/12/45
11/5/46 posted to 405 pow camp.(yeovil somerset)
released to th Z reserve 27/10/46.
i have a good photo of him in battledress with various badges,one has the words chindit on them, i know that the 4 border 34 column fought in the second chindit campaign.also there are many more entries on his record,one stands out though "deprived 21 days pay allowed his mule to become galled"
not sure what special python is though anyone out there shed any light on this ??
No idea what Python.

Apart from you brief resume did you get anything else??

I've applied for my grandfathers record. The VA say they can't guarentee whats in it. I've already got his pay book discharge book and a certificate of attestation. What I'm after is theatres of ops and more importantly dates of transfer from one unit to the other (which you appear to have)

£30 would be a lot to get the same info.
Not knowing much about about Mules, what on earth does "galled" mean?
well fellas i did a quick search on old english words and basically it means sores, rubbing .not keeping the mules back clean dry etc , as the only transport in the jungle would have been mules so they were vital to carry equipment etc. it was my mother who paid the 30 quid to have a copy of the records sent to her, they came in the form of A3 photocopies of the original service/pay book the dates and units , time in hospital , time away from home are all included(i already had this however a lot of pages were missing!)the writing is very tiny and scrawled(not typed) . i was very fortunate to have photocopied the photo of my grandfather and sent it too the border regt museum and asked them to i.d the ribbons etc, these guys were tip top and sent me a very comprehensive run down of where the 4 borders fought and it was truely remarkable. my mother and her family thought that he was in the pioneer corps and dug trenches as that was what he told them. i hope this helps as it helped me understand a little more of what my grandfather achieved.
Very interesting.
Please forgive me if this has been answered on other threads, but how and to where do I apply for my Grandfather's service records? Can I do it or does my mother or one of her siblings have to do it?
i have te relevant numbers etc for you to apply(pm me). You should of course have a service number or life is going to be difficult and will obviously delay the process, it took me about 3 months from start to finish. What you have to take into consideration though is that when you apply they will only send to those relatives that are closest and alive. Now my gran is still living so they would of been sent to her , but my mother got her to sign a letter stating that they should go to her, all very complicated at first but well worth it. good luck
i have heard that operation python was the name designated to the system of "first in - first out" demobilisation after wars end
I too have heard of the plan for demob being Operation Python. It was planned well in advance based on the problems experienced during the demob after the Great War.

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