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I decided last year to research my Grandads Military history, but didn't get very far, got distracted, anyway i am going to give it another go.

Amongst his things that my Mother now has we found a small Card entitled "Record of Service" but all it says, from memory as I do not have it with me' is Dec 1943 To Jan 1944 RASC Catterick, Jan 1944 to 1945 R Sigs.

I know I can pay £30 and send a form to SPVA to get his record of service but wondered whether it would be the same document I have or a little more extensive.
What I need to find out is what regiments ? he was with and when so that I can then go to the respective Regimental Museum and get copies of the Regt War Diaries to try and trace where he went.

I know from speaking to him he deployed to Normandy D+ 4 ish and was caught up in the German Offensive in Belgium "Battle of the Bulge" I remember him saying they had been ordered to douse everything in petrol but never got the order to light up so to speak.

Any got any pointers.

Try" World war 2 talk " website might help
You might want to try the National Archives. They are free if you can make it to Kew. There seems to be a few files concerning RASC Catterick
WO 166/10948 Catterick R.A.S.C. 1943 Jan
WO 166/14481 Catterick 1944 Jan – Dec
WO 166/14482 Catterick R.A.S.C. 1944 Sept – Dec

No so much with the R Signals (appears to be Radio Direction Finding unit as opposed to the Y Branch intercept types). Five files popped but 4 were from a unit in Palestine.

HW 41/359 War Diary of 52 Special Wireless Section, R Signals, 1944 Mar 01 – 1944 Mar 31
WO 205/1241 21 Army Group SIGINT: Western Europe 1945 might help with units.
Many thanks.

As suggested I have posted the same message on WW2TALK and have had also had useful information.
ECMO1 - What are the references you are quoting and where did you get them from?

I'm afraid my memory was incorrect the details in his records actually state:

GSC - 17:12:42 - 26:01:43
R Signals - 27:01:43 - 28:10:46

The AF W5258 Record of Service appears to have been completed in Aug 1946 Signed for O I/C R Signals Records and only has these two entries.



What you would get from Glasgow is far more extensive than you already have, from his attestation papers to his discharge papers.
Could be £30 well spent.
Just went to the National Archives web page (Just Google PRO) and started searching the Catalog. If you already have a research card you can presearch and pre-order some of the documents before you arrive. Handy. Sounds like you should get the service record to target your search at the archives for the correct unit.
If you haven't been to Kew before and need a card their web site gives you everything you need to bring in order to get a card when you arrive at Kew. They are pretty fast at delivering docs ónce ordered. ECMO1
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