service records of Indian soldiers in WW1

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by car_key, Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. I believe records are held in India by the following body:

    United Service Institution of India, Rao Tula Ram Marg, Opposite Signals Enclave, Post Bag No. 8, Vasant Vihar PO, New Delhi - 110 057, India.

    Has anyone ever known of anyone who had any success with this organisation.

    Many Indian soldiers were given the campaign medals but I presume not all of them were. Its hard to imagine the medals being sent out to vague addresses though they might have been sent our to regional recruiting offices.

    If someone isn't on the National archives medal roll it could be due to a spelling mistake - presumably not uncommon in this period - or Indian names having been subsequently standardised.

    Any thoughts on tracking down the exploits of an Indian soldier who was said to have been mentioned in dispatches much appreciated.

  2. Thanks for that information., I am a Poppy Travel Guide and frequently take British Asians on tour. Its really helpful to be able to suggest a point of contact for researching the records of Indian Army Soldiers. I looked at the link and can't find an explicit mention of the soldiers records.

    Does this work for ALL of the Indian troops of the British Indian Army? Does it include the people who end up in Bangladesh and Pakistan?

    Are you trying to track down the exploits of a soldier that died in one of the wars or who survived? If they died the CWGC is the obvious startign point then track down the unit huistory war diary etc.

    Tracking down someone who was awarded an MID and survived the war can be hard. Do you knwo which unit they served in? It may be that the unit itself survived in either the Indian or Pakistani armies. My guess is that they may have kept unit records, war diaries or published a history. I think Rayc, who posts on these boards, is an Indian Officer. He might be able to help. Send him a PM.

    There is also a site about tracing south asian military records here.

    This says that
    An alphabetical list of Indian warriors claiming medals, and correspondence regarding issuing medals is in (PRO) WO100/398.

    The medal roll gives:

    Name of the soldiers and officers
    Regimental number
    Under remarks it occasionally states when they were discharged or pensioned and names of awards, such as Order of British India, Indian Order of Merit and Indian Mutiny Medal. "