Service records- keeping them "private"

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by No_Duff, Dec 5, 2010.

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  1. I'm ex squaddie and as I understand it, I could ask for my Army records and as I'm still alive no one else can have them.

    Once I've kicked the bucket I don't want anyone else to see them, can I tell my records office to never let anyone have them ?
  2. What the hell did you do?
  3. Well it involved some underwater goats an aqualung and a boy scout troop... ;-)
  4. Now THAT sounds like a good day on the ranges!
  5. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Privacy and secrecy are obsolete concepts if Wikileaks is anything to go by
  6. They're probably stored in the Phillipines to save money.
  7. I'm not bothered where they've stored them :) as long as my records are not passed out to my family/other nosey sods, after I'm dead, if they request them.
  8. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Take it from me that all your supposed good ex-Squaddy mates ,will be more than pleased to drop you in the crap by disclosing all the things you wished to f@ck had died a death decades ago, you don't have to worry about your records
  9. Once your dead will you be that concerned and who would tell you about it anyway?????

    Im sent with a telephone number that may be useful, you could always ask for them to be buried with you when you go.
  10. Thanks. 123456789
  11. I don't think you can block them as they will be available for anyone to view particularly in this day and age when everyone's into genealogy and tracing family histories. My father is into this, particularly any member of the family who served (he has even got the service record of my great great great grandfather who served in the 77th Foot at the time of the Crimean War!). The downside of this is it often turns up a little bit of unsavoury family history. My father was working on my mums side of the family and she was keen to know about her fathers military history because he never spoke about it. My father phoned me quite distraught because he found out that my grandfather was in the RN (known from a photo) but was sentenced to 6 months hard labour and discharged after 6 years (AWOL I believe). He didn't want to tell my mum about this but I persuaded him he should on account of things were very different then and besides which he volunteered and served in the army in 1914 and was wounded/discharged in 1916 and then served as a Special Constable throughout WW2 ... slate wiped methinks!

    You could try and write to rcords but I don't think they will block your record on your death.
  12. As most folk know the records of soldiers who did not serve after 1921 have been available in The National Archives for some years - and are now, for a modest sum, available on-line.

    There is currently a move to release the records of men who served after that point - I don't know what the cut off will be, I can't imagine it being later than 1945. But as I understand it (I'm not that interested) MOD and TNA are having a prolonged discussion about sensitive information in the records that did not take place before the pre-1922 ones were released. This focuses on medial detail, in particular hereditary conditions - because if I had access to your grandfather's service records and they stated he suffered from such a condition, then I could assume that you also suffer from that condition, and that would breach your privacy. Being tried for buggering the regimental goat does not attract the same problem - that's simply a matter of record.

    Again, my limited understanding is that until these records are released to TNA the only folk who can usually obtain access to them are the subject or, if they are deceased, his/her direct NoK. I say usually because I have used FOI to obtain records of individuals who served after 1921 but this was something of a special case and the records were heavily redacted.

    I think you have very little chance of having your records sealed for eternity - ultimately they belong to MOD not to you.

    But more to the point - what did you do that must be hidden from the world for ever and a day?????

  13. I think the above mentioned goats are trying for a claim through CSA.
  14. A mate told me about sitting in Kew one day beside an elderly couple who were happily poring over some family history when the bloke suddenly sprang to his feet, bellowed 'Good God, Martha,you never told me your grandfather was cashiered for buggery' and stalked from the reading room.

    So, yeah, be prepared for surprises.

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