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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by stevehopkins, Sep 22, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys

    I'm trying to get hold of my service record but not having much luck so far,
    I served with the Royal Irish Regiment (home service part time) from 94-97,
    the problem i'm having is that a couple of years ago RIR Hq, Palace Barracks in Ballymena Northern Ireland closed down after the regiment was disbanded and i've been going round in circles trying to find where my records might be kept now and who i should contact,

    can anybody help, please

  2. Get in touch with APC, Brown Street, Glasgow. If they can't help directly, I'm sure they can point you to a man who can.
  3. Here mate phone up this number at Soldier Wing Glasgow:

    Disclosures: 0845 600 9663

    its called a Subject Access Request you are entitled by law under the Data Protection Act it will normally take up to 40 days to provide.

    They are quite good I have done it myself recently but, they are understaffed and busy.
  4. Yes,I just got a letter back saying it will take longer,but at least they keep you informed
  5. Thanks guys, you have been a massive help, i really appreciate it,

  6. If you go to the link I posted,you can print off an application form
  7. If it's anything like NHS Central records, The Baron of Castleshoortt will be getting his before yours!!

    Might as well make 'em up. I did my first aid in the Army Cadets, never bovvered wiv med skool and now look at me :)