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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Brandt, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. The Mail had a photo today of the new planned memorial for all Service personnel killed since 1945.

    Whilst the idea of a memorial is a fantastic one, does anyone else think these figures are bl00dy awful. This thing has figures of soldiers carrying a colleague on a stretcher... surrounded by wailing women and children. It also has a soldier clawing at a door (to Elysium?) Give me strength. And why do they have no tops on?

    The best British memorials are understated, timeless pieces. Think of the Cenotaph, the poppy, or the simple headstone and sword mounted on the cross at CWG cemetaries. Figures, when they are shown, are noble, understated, and solemn- think of the Guards memorial on Horseguards or the Royal Marines memorial at Spean Bridge. This lot look like a boy band

    The rest of the memorial seems great, but these figures seem totally out of place.What does everyone else think?

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  2. I've got to agree, the 'sculptures' look very out of place.
  3. Gopping sculptures, more effort needed!
    More concerned at the space lft fro an additional 15,000 names
    Let's hope Tony doesn't see that number!
  4. Nasty sculpture, with no weapons or anything else that might identify the subjects as service personnel - very pc, but misses the point completely. On the other hand, if the memorial is to all service personnel killed, why are no women included other than as a wifey?

    Modern memorials can be well done - see the Battle of Britain Memorial and the Women at War Memorial - both very moving and fitting. The planned National Arboretum Memorial just doesn't do it for me.
  5. No women because they are all topless!
  6. The oak trees have been grown in Italy.

    Do we not even have any British oak trees suitable to look over a memorial to our dead?
  7. has anyone been to the big american cemetry near cambridge

    very impressive - as should this one be
  8. The US cemetaries above Omaha beach in Normandy are also stunning pieces of architecture. Wherever you are, the lines of gravestones sun away in perfect lines. The headstones are linked underground with concrete, so even if the ground subsides over time the headstones will not be upset.
  9. I've got to admit the overarching design to me looks very nice and fitting. Dominating yet simple, however I think the sculptures will ruin that and degrade the monument overall.

    They should just scrap the sculptures and leave it simplist, and more iconic.
  10. 'U-turn by lottery chiefs raises hope for war memorial

    A war memorial to commemorate the 16,000 British servicemen who have died since the Second World War appears certain to be built after an about-turn by National Lottery chiefs last night.

    Politicians and the public reacted furiously after the £7.4 million project failed to get lottery funding because it was deemed not to meet the criteria for "Living Landmarks".

    After interventions by Gordon Brown, the Chancellor, and Tessa Jowell, the Culture Secretary, heads of the lottery said last night that "a way forward" had been found that should enable the outstanding building costs to be met.'

    in full