Service Personnel Command Paper

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. According to the Parliament TV webpage, Ministerial Statements in the House of Commons this morning, including Des Browne on the Service Personnel Command Paper, will be "after 11.30am".

    If you have time you should be able to watch on Parliament TV online, or on BBC Parliament, and some of the usual rolling news channels may also cover.
  2. now predicted for 1230!
  3. I was looking in vain for just that information. Thank you.
  4. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Des is probably busy with his other job.........
  5. Hardly - with all due respect to Hackle, was never going to be at 1030, what with the protocols of the House. The House only starts its sitting at 1030, and kicks off with Top Day for DEFRA: Oral Questions always take precedence over statements. Then you have Business Questions to the Leader of the House and Points of Order. Only then can they move onto Statements - suspect the Speaker has given Defence top billing if it is 1230. Presume he will allow one hour for the Statement and the Q&A, as per normal. Believe that the Paper will be published on the MOD website at 1230ish, basically once Browne is on his feet - that would certainly be the normal practice. Although given that DII intranet is actually down at the moment I would not hold my breath! (Bet that's screwed someone's internal comms plan...)
  6. With the current untimely demise of the Defence portal does anybody know where i can get my greasy mitts on a copy of the paper as soon as it is released ?

  7. It should be on the MOD external website in minutes few... D Browne now on hind legs in the House.
  8. Better support for Forces and Families

    The Command Paper itself is here (or should be very shortly):

    The text of the announcement is as follows:

    A new cross-government strategy to improve support to the Armed Forces, past and present, and their families has been presented to Parliament by Defence Secretary Des Browne today, Thursday 17 July 2008.

    The strategy, in a Service Personnel Command Paper (entitled The Nation's Commitment: Cross-Government Support to our Armed Forces, their Families and Veterans), was initiated by the Prime Minister to improve the level of support given to Service personnel, their families and veterans and is the product of extensive consultation and close involvement with other Government Departments and Devolved Administrations.

    In the eight months since the Command Paper was commissioned, Minister for the Armed Forces Bob Ainsworth has been supported by a team made up of personnel from all three Services and MOD civil servants, who have consulted with current and former Service Personnel, their families, Service charities, and Service Families Federations.

    They have worked closely, in developing the strategy and the new measures, with other Government Departments and the Devolved Administrations.

    One of the key strands of the strategy is that the Armed Forces should not be disadvantaged by the military lifestyle, while also making provision for unashamedly special treatment for those who make exceptional sacrifices in the course of duty.

    The strategy includes around 40 new measures. These include:

    • Improved Armed Forces Compensation Scheme. The upfront lump sum compensation payment for the most serious injuries suffered by our soldiers, sailors and airmen in the course of their duties will be doubled. This is in addition to the index-linked, tax-free guaranteed income payment which, for example, might be worth £20,000 pa for life to a seriously injured 25-year-old. Combined, the increased lump sum and the ongoing guaranteed income payment wil take maximum individual total compensation to in excess of £1.5 millon;

    • Retention of NHS waiting list places across the UK. Service families will, all things being equal, retain their relative place on NHS waiting lists wherever they move to in the UK;

    • Free further or higher education for Service leavers. For Service leavers with more than six years' service, the Government will fund in full the tuition fees for either a first Level 3 (broadly A level or vocational equivalent) or a first Foundation or full degree;

    • Improved access to educational opportunities for Service children. Including uninterrupted Special Educational Needs support and a review of admissions policy which will ensure that Service children are not disadvantaged in the allocation of school places;

    • Expansion of options for finding homes. Steps to make it easier for Service leavers to find a home, either through the purchase of their own properties or through improved access to social housing;

    • Improved support to Foreign and Commonwealth personnel. Dependants of F&C Service personnel will be eligible to apply for settlement when the Service member has completed five years' service.

    Speaking at the launch of the strategy in London, Defence Secretary Des Browne said:

    "Our Armed Forces are truly inspiring – every day they risk their lives to keep us safe – and it is a fundamental duty of government to support them and their families. I think this Command Paper presents a package of measures that will make a real difference to the everyday lives of our forces and their families.

    "It will improve their access to public services and for the most seriously injured it will ensure a significant increase in the amount of compensation that they get paid. I think it offers significant progress and we now have to make sure we deliver that change."

    Chief of the Defence Staff Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup added:

    "Our Servicemen and women achieve great things on a daily basis in testing conditions all over the world. They, and their families, also face unique demands that make their achievements all the more remarkable.

    "As a nation, we have a duty to make sure that our Armed Forces are treated fairly whether they are home or abroad, and that is why this Service Personnel Command Paper is so important. My fellow Chiefs and I welcome this paper. It will ensure our Armed Forces and their dependants are not disadvantaged by their Service life, and in some cases enjoy special treatment befitting of their daily sacrifice on behalf of us all."

    This is the first time the Government has taken a strategic cross-departmental approach to the support of our people. Many Departments have worked together to produce these improvements and each will follow through with guidance, policy and legislation as necessary to ensure implementation.

    This was posted by the Ministry of Defence. You can find a copy at:
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Anything for the TA in this?

  10. Its there now MOD Linky

    Trying to up load paper
  11. has anyone been able to open the link from the MoD website?
  12. No it just locks up and down loading is taking for ever
  13. probably crashed their very expensive all singing, all dancing, 2 years 2 late, 70M over budget, ZX Spectrum 48k!
  14. an admittance that we exist.

    2.39 Support to the Volunteer Reserve Forces.
    Volunteer reserves are vital to defence.
    The Nation’s Commitment: Cross-Government Support to our Armed Forces, their Families and Veterans 17
    There has been an unprecedented increase in their deployment in the last decade. This continuing is contingent upon the support of their ‘main’ employers. We will champion the reserve forces, addressing where possible the limitations of some public sector employers. UK Cabinet Ministers and First Ministers of Scotland and Wales endorse the following SaBRE (Supporting Britain’s Reservists and Employers) Statement of Employer Support:
    “Thousands of members of the Reserve Forces (Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Marines Reserve, Territorial Army and Royal Auxiliary Air Force) have been mobilised for full-time service overseas in recent years. When called upon, these men and women serve alongside their colleagues in the regular Forces with courage and dedication, and often at considerable personal sacrifice. We admire their commitment and are determined to support all current and future employees in the Reserve Forces.
  15. Thanks Hackle for this: for anyone having problems downloading the paper, click here for a Megaupload link.