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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by crosbunny, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Finally attested last wednesday, was told around 10 days for service number but is this true because of the JPA switchover or am I looking at several weeks. Should then get my kit and be able to get the training out of the the way and onto trade
  2. I got all my kit and was on 2 RT weekends before I finally got my number.

    Getting your number doesn't really mean anything, you still won't get paid for farcking ages!
  3. I'm a regular and so not up to speed on TA matters. However, I'm led to believe that post JPA going live (or possibly from 01 Apr...?), all army numbers change from the usual format (245..... etc) to a new format.
    What that is, I don't know, but it may explain the delay....??

    Good luck anyway

  4. No - that cannot be true - how dare they take my number away

    Do they realise how many beastings i got in depot learning that thing forwards and backwards whilst running around in a nbc suit over the assault course then thrown in to the chamber which was nicley placed next the course!!!!!!!

    Or the D&D RP that made me stand on the line at the guard house reciting my number over and over for an hour because i was reporting to para depot.
  5. Are you sure they don't mean your LSN will go, to be replaced by a unique Position ID?

  6. The lack of a number should not cause a problem with you commencing training or being kitted out.

    As they say its the "G4 tail wagging the dog" :tongue:
  7. JPA will not change the service number of personnel serving before the change over in the majority of the cases. There are some exceptions to this but these are very few such as indivuals who have transfered from the RAF or the Navy to the Army, since they went on to JPA in release 1 or 2. As their National Insurance number already exsists on the system they have to revert to uising their previous number and their Army assignment will be added to this record.

    All individulas join the services after the go-live of JPA for the Army will receive a number starting with a 3 no matter what service they join.

    Hope this clears up any confusion.
  8. I second that, it took me 4 Months to get my first pay cheque through and I found out my Number cos it was writen on the front of the big white plastic bag my kit came in (all the kit fitted bar the trainers which was a size to big). Welcome to the TA :thumright:
  9. No....Only for new recruits.... not serving soldiers...!!
  10. Ha! You young fellas have it easy these days with these new fangled arabic numbers. My service number was MCMVXXXLVC. Try remembering that. And yes - Centurion was a rank and not a tank.

    Hail Ceaser,

    Marinus Decrepitus
  11. Does anybody know what the deal is with ex TA joining the regs after April 1st? Do we keep our number or do we get a new one?
  12. Call your unit and ask.

    To be honest, I'd imagine you'd keep your old number. IF there is to be a number change, it'll only be for new recruits.
  13. We have a recruit in my troop who today got his army number, due to JPA he has a new type of number which begins with 300...... !!!!!!!!
  14. So what happens if your an ex reg and have one of the old 8 digit numbers and you join the TA after this JPA Debarcle? Do you get a new number?
  15. I hope not, do you realise how many pin numbers and passwords I'll need to change?