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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by dean2514, Apr 30, 2008.

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  1. as i was coming up to my third year in the army i got a girl pregnant, shortly after got posted to germany. i asked if i could take my discharge but it was declined. what i did then i still regret now i told them i was smoking cannabis. when i got a urin test it came back negative saying i hadn't been taking drugs. whitch i'd not i just wanted out. now i really want to re join my application as been put forward but i would like to know what my chances are. i know i shouldn't have said what i did but at the time it was the only option i could think of that would defo get me out. i would be greatfull if i could get some feedback

    cheers dean
  2. What actually happened then? Test came back negative, and they fucked you off for a lack of integrity and courage?

    Theres a gap in your story, were you dishonourably discharged?
  3. These two words arent in your favour, but you can only but try and see what MCM Div desk officer and S02 Recruiting says so wait till you get your 203 back.
  4. because i told them i had smoked cannabis they already sarted my snlr and by the time my results came back i was only a few days off going home.
  5. i was not dishonourably discharged i have my papers and the say snlr what would i gain from lying to you. i really want to re join and give my family the best life possible.
  6. What does it say on your discharge papers.....exemplary service??? and what was the code of your discharge???

    These are all things taken into account on your special enlistment 203 that the recruiters would of sent to Glasgow and would of explained this to you. There is no point us speculating on this really as its now up to the desk officer for the Arms/service your joining at Glasgow and probably the SO2 soldiering who can only make that decision now. If your paperworks gone in just wait out until you get your answer.
  7. the recruitment team didn't explain anything to me just that they would be sent off and it could take upto 90day for a reply. and my discharge paper said excellnt service one down from exemplary.
  8. Look at it from a recruiters point of view.
    You knock some bird up in Germany
    You want to break your contract with the Army by leaving early
    You sink to the depths by telling them you are a druggie
    You confirm the status above after your lack of integrity is exposed.
    You want to get back in to take advantage of cheepo housing.

    You have your work cut out.
  9. Cough, we not been here before?? or is this another Dean????
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    Bugger that's another few thousand arrsers of the register.
  11. i got the girl pregnant back home on leave not in germany thats why i wanted to go home to see the baby, and im not doing it for the housing what is the point when i have my own home
  12. not been here before this is my first post