Service men/women (rivals) who has the largest rivalry in the forces?


Who has the largest rivalry in the forces?

Someone said Royal Green Jackets and Paras. Is this true?

Also which other units have this sort of rivalry. What about the Scots? Welsh?

Who would know this?

Can you please put your answers in this format below.

Hat Reg -------- Fish and Chip Mob ect ect..............
.....or the Raf reg vs the WAAF
Fukc`s sake....that`s going back a bit! We`ve moved since then Urban; we`ve hoofed Women`s Auxillary Baloon Corps, the WRVS (that was at Greenham Common), Salvation Army SF and onto WRAF, which I think you meant.
Simples... everyone - until the sh1t starts to fly...

Old Quote:

"The British Army does so well in war as they spend most of the peacetime fighting each other"
I'm still none the wiser,

Someone said Light Infantry and Green Jackets, Irish Guards and Royal Irish, Paras and Boot Necks.

Does anyone have a complete list? Has anyone got this experience?
It's been answered already. Everyone.

Put squaddies in a Garrison town and all the different units will scrap. Two Regiments of the same Corps (as per Hameln a wee while back, 28 & 35 Engr Regts) and they'll scrap each other. Only one Regiment / Battalion and the Sqns / Coys will scrap each other. Few good punch ups between Troops in the Sqn bar. You get the idea.
The biggest rivalry would be any Regiment/ Corps have against journalists trying to get info to write up spurious stories.

We all really fcuking hate them.
My biggest rival is anyone that starts another rival thread, even though i have never opened a rival thread I feel they are my rival. So you are my rival!


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God's own heroes the Sappers and the f*cking filthy stinking Drop Shorts don’t see eye to eye on everything ^~
Which side are you on? ;)
Stacker versus everyone else, because they are all wrong about pretty much everything?
You are certainly frequently wrong about military matters, still you have a blog so it must be easy to bullshit people into believing you know what you are talking about.
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God's own heroes the Sappers and the f*cking filthy stinking Drop Shorts don’t see eye to eye on everything ^~
Just pop yourself to the left there wedgey, there's a good fellow..Ubique!:p

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