Service Leavers in a recession

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chief489, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. Keeping me in the Services?

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  2. Making me reconsider my plans to leave?

  3. Not changing my plans for leaving?

  1. Firstly - this is not a journalist enquiry. I know you're all sceptical about "first posts"!
    Secondly - I'm after a general feeling about whether people are still considering leaving the Services in light of the impending financial doom and gloom. If you are still thinking of leaving (or have just left) is the job hunting good/bad?
    This is to help me out with some work I'm involved with in Wilts.
    (If you're still sceptical, PM me and I'll send you my Mil work number!)
  2. Rupert, Rupert the Murdock....everyone knows your game!
  3. Ah - the sceptical world of ARRSE strikes again! PM button is there!
  4. Thanks to those who've voted. Please vote if you fit the questions.
    Also, please leave comments about finding work if you've got points to raise.
    Better not to line the Consultants pockets when you can speak here!
    And before you cry "cheapskate" it would be public money that would pay for it!!!