Service Leavers and Homelessness Legislation Petition

Essentially, current legislation effectively discriminates against Service Leavers and their families with regard to entitlement to social housing in the following manner:

A Service Leaver without property of his own will effectively become homeless at the end of his Service career

homeless people have an entitlement to social housing, but this requires proof of a 'local connection'

by virtue of their service in the Armed Forces, Service Leavers, even when they have been stationed in the area for a significant period, are deemed not to have this 'local connection' unless they fulfill one of the other criteria (family locally &c.)

Sometimes there is not enough forethought on the part of some. Equally with the provision of Service housing throughout a career, and the inherent difficulties of moving between non-Service housing every two years or so, or living separated from spouse and family, many Service Leavers fall into this trap. When this occurs, spouses and children may actually benefit from divorcing the Service Leaver!.. Remember, sometimes a Service Leaver may be forced out of the Armed Forces before their time through injury on operations or exercise which, if serious enough, leads to a medical discharge. In this situation there is the added problem of a long-term disabilitating injury to deal with - try getting a second job, and a mortgage on that basis.

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War Hero
Hope this petition has more luck than the road pricing one.

On a serious note, I think that serving personnel in England can get 25% of their mortgages paid. It's called a "keyworker scheme." There's a ton of paperwork and it does tie you into longer service but hey. It's free money. Nurses, teachers etc have had it for years. I posted in the finance bit to see whether anyone had used it. But got no replies.