service leaver

Hello everyone, I may be up for redundancy very soon so im needing as much info on leaving.
What re-settlement courses to do, Pensions etc.

Should i volunteer for redundancy, so many questions
In the Naafi bar?

Best advice I've heard all day was in the good pension thread.

as goatrutar suggests.

1. Murder whores and use their skin for clothing.
2. Become a slum lord.

Both excellent suggestions in my opinion.
Volunteering for redundancy? You jack bastard! You're turning your back on your mates - how will you feel if one of them gets killed doing a job that would have been yours?

I hope you snap your neck in the shower you shower of shite.
Best advice is this...1. Get a job, any job, as soon as, and start from there.
2. pay off any debts before spending spondulics on cars/holidays/whores etc.
3. Don't believe any of the bollocks from the resettlement system...they are not lining up to take advantage
of your unique skills set.
4. Enjoy.

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