Service Leaver - Need to Complete Movement Admin by Discharge Day?

I'm after a bit of help on a discharge issue, and wondered if anyone here who could help throw some light on it for me. It refers to the movement of personal effects (PE), and particularly PE that has been in storage, on discharge from the Army.

My understanding is that the main document for service leavers (SL), which outlines the process of leaving with regard to this aspect of ones entitlements, is JSP-752. Is there anything in there (or elsewhere) that says that you have to do any or all of your end-of-service admin by your discharge date? Obviously, common sense would dictate that it's easier to do it beforehand, and indeed why would you wait; but if there is some spill-over then is it necessarily a drama? I haven't been able to find anything so far; has anyone else?

Redundancy, however, appears to be a different matter, and I'm not sure why. Referring to stored PE, the DIN specifically states that: "Delivery from storage can not be extended beyond the date of discharge", which appears to differ from the norm. This effectively means that we have two sets of conditions for SL undertaking exactly the same thing, which to me looks discriminatory against the redundee.

Not many of us leave the Army more than once, so we all probably get a bit of 'ground rush' when first coming into contact with the regulations pertaining to the end of one's service. I left under T1 and it looks like this has caught me out, so I'm now trying to make a case to retrospectively access the redundancy provision for the 'notional move to Catterick' that I missed by a few days. Can anyone throw any light on this problem for me, or have any thoughts that might help. So far PACCC are being remarkably non-understanding, which quite frankly is compounding the already underwhelming experience that I've had thus far during the leaving process. Thanks very much to all, for anything you can add.

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