Service leaver and certificate of service

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by The beast, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. I heard that unless you are a criminal or paedophile,you are not allowed to write anything crap on a service leavers A 108 certificate of service,unlike your SJARS.Is this a fact and also does anyone have an idea about what the certificate will say?
  2. Depends why you have left the army.
  3. Service leaver,as in someone who has resigned and left the army.
  4. Your Certificate of Service should just have your basic details on. Number, Rank, Name, when you got your ranks, medals, courses.

    It comes from SPVA and has got a big shiny "This is important" thing on the front.

    I just checked mine, and it's full of crap. I apparently left last year in December, and the way things are going they are missing a medal off, but I'm just waiting for my MD.
  5. They could crayon your A108 with a crudely drawn gaping vagina, your future employer would never know because they never ask for it.
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  6. Anyone else have any ideas???
  7. I have ideas all the time.

    Thanks for asking.
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  8. Has anyone got a 'red book' out there? I hear that all they do these days is send you some crap paper print out off JPA?
  9. The AF 108X Certificate of Service should be produced by the Unit 9 months prior to leaving and confirmation sent to Glasgow it has been served.

    No more red book and just hope your unit has some decent paper rather than that grey recycled stuff!
  10. Yup. I dug mine out last night as I'll need to take it to the UJC with me next weekend.

    I got a certificate of service saying how awesome I was. I got "exeplary service" despite a charge sheet as long as my cock, and 18 days in nick. I also got a certificate of my move to the reserve forces. You get a bit of blurb about yourself, a job description on another bit of paper.

    It has a unit stamped, and was signed by my OC at the time I left. Anything else you need to know?
  11. Do you still get that great Stepping Out book?
    More full of shit than a cess pit after a food poisoning outbreak

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  12. I didn't even sign mine nor was I able to review what was written about me. More importantly, no employer ever asked to see it.
  13. This is the point I am getting at,so you had a lot of military convictions,yet still managed to get "exemplary" service.So they are not allowed to ruin your career,as in SJARS.And if they do,you can sue them..
  14. 9/10 employers won't ask for it because they don't know it exists. Therefore, if you have a bobbins military record then don't mention it, less said is soonest mended. As mentioned before, the booklet will contain your details and qualifications if any, plus any other courses you may have attended and areas of operations. Also contained within, will be a breakdown of your roles whilst in service, and a character reference, which is scaled from poor to exemplary. Therefore, if you are a twat in the big firm, then you may find your records will denote it without actually saying it...Sometimes, it's what is not said that highlights a bods inadequacy, and that can be equally damaging to future career prospects. All that said, the Army is generally not a spiteful employer, so will always try to find a positive spin for personnel leaving, no matter how cuntish they may have been.
  15. So you were never charged PA :) you old Vag.