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service knowledge


I have my main board on 15th May and I as I have very little personnel experience of the army i am slightly panicing about the service knowledge test. Does anyone have any idea where i can find somewhere to practice them? or no what sort of detail I need to no? thanks :)


I'd be panicking more about my ******* horrendous English if I were you champ.

But I'm not, so I won't.


W H Smith, or alternately Amazon : " British Army, A pocket guide." £5 (ish)
Amazon: "Eats,Shoots and Leaves. " Author Lynne Truss. £5 (ish)

Spaz's assessment is, of course, quite correct, if a just a tad less than polished.
Close, (by which I mean one section diligently completed per day), attention to Ms. Truss may just save you. Her offering is in no way academic, and by means of copious examples of error taken from the press, she will lead you to a greatly improved level of grammatical accuracy.

And yes, it does matter. Officers communicate, doncherknow.

You have eleven weeks from STAND BY, ......GO.

Old Rat

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Hope things have changed since my days. I knew a WO in 1982 going for his commission - he was to be interviewed by a committee of 3 regular corps officers. He boned up on military history, corps history, tactics that may have applied to him in his position, and just about anything he could think of related to the military. Come the interview, all they were interested in was his opinion on the other ranks, his favourite tipple and his golf handicap. He was accepted, but was so gobsmacked by the inherent snobbery that he told them where to stuff it.

NB: DO read "Eats Shoots & Leaves" (with optional comma). If nothing else, it's highly enjoyable!


Hope things have changed since my days.

The service knowledge is part of the multiple guess questioning on the first day. As long as you know what equipment the army has and operates, a little of regiments and structure, and basics of rank structure, it's no biggie. The little pocket book that Old Rat advises, coupled with the Army web site, are all that you really need.
Is there a service knowledge test at the Briefing, or is it just at the Main Board? If it's just at Main Board, I assume that some sort of knowledge would be helpful at the Briefing would it not? I have been using the Army Website, but shall indulge one of the books mentioned above as, from seeing above responses, they seem helpful. Ta


You may get asked a little bit in your interview at briefing, but there's no formal element.

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