Service invaliding pension question

exreme1 said:

To cut a long story short i was medically discharged from the Reme in early 2005 after completing 4 years service. I was told i was to receive a service invalidating pension (SIP) and from the month after discharge i have received this every month, the SIP rising every year by a few pounds.

I have recently fallen on bad times due to the 'credit crunch' and lost my job so i have had to sign up for jobseekers allowance,after reviewing my case the jobcentre have decided that i am only entitled to 8.29 per week jobseekers allowance due to me recieving the above SIP.

My questions are:

1) Should my SIP be taken into account when the jobcentre are assessing my entitlement?

2) Is there anyway i could cash in my SIP which i believe i will get until i am 65 (another 38 years) in return for a lump sum which i could really do with right now?

Kind Regards

Welcome to the site, Exreme1, and I sympathise with your current plight. I doubt that any of us on here will know enough to help you although there is a long running thread on such pensions - in the Charities Forum, IIRC.

The people who can best help you are the British Legion and/or SSAFA. They will have lots of expertise with queries like yours. Look in the telephone directory for their numbers.

Good Luck.


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