service in return for citizenship

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fusilier50, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. The US has a policy of rewarding service in their armed forces with fast tracked and preferential treatment in awarding citizenship.

    why dont we do the same? offer any potential immigrant the opportunity to become a subject if they agree to serve in our armed forces first. it will at least ensure their loyalty and teach them to speak a form of English :lol:

    in fact why dont we make it compulsory for any illegal immigrants caught on our soil :wink: perhaps not armed service in their case :roll:
  2. Not sure about them learning an english that woudl get them through any exam (except an arrse one), but i think the idea is a great one!

    A slight modification I would make is that immigrants are conscripted up for 2 years and then guarenteed citezenship. If someone who wants to become a citizen is serious enough to do that, then there welcome to citizenship and sh@g my sister anytime!
  3. Sorry, disagree on this one. Why make the Army responsible for sorting out the education of illegal immigrants. Besides it smacks of press ganging and will hardly lead to motivated soldiers.
  4. Because they will do it better than anyone else - Just like we should be doing it with Chavs. Its a win win event. The UK gets decent people and the army get the fun of beasting them silly to get them there "for their own good".

  5. I agree with Birdie. Plus, you'd never know where their loyalties lie, especially when it comes to security. I think there'd be issues.
  6. 22 years then full citizenship - no problem!
  7. Sounds like Star Ship Troopers to me.

    I'd be up for it, only if I could hump a flying officer as hawt as Denise Richards.
  8. worked for me!

    7 years, citizenship

  9. But if immigrants know they will have to do it before becoming a citizen, will they still make the trip? France may just become more appealing!
  10. I don't see a problem with it as long as there is a return of service. Lets face it, we let enough people come in to the country and do nothing but pillage our taxes. We could have a caveat saying they must do 2 years in Afghanistan and 2 in Iraq, with an exemplary record etc etc, then give them housing in Wales, after 10 years good behaviour (and full employment) they would be allowed to apply for housing in England, after a further 10 years they would be allowed to enter some form of lottery for the chance to live in Scotland (obviously with no chance of winning).

  11. A lot of our immigrants have already served in Iraq or Afghanistan... Ok they may have been on the other side but that wouldn't stop Bliar giving them citizenship as long as they vote Labour.
  12. *cough* ghurkas *cough*
  13. recent changes in regard immigration and Ghurkas have certainly set a precedent.

    they are an example of the benefits of service in our armed forces with the reward of citizenship awaiting them on completion on their service.

    however Ghurkas have a longstanding tradition of service in the British army and is very much a part of their culture. This isnt the case with immigrants who have no such traditions
  14. Traditions have to start somewhere!!!!!!
  15. Don’t agree that the army will be responsible for educating immigrants. Rather it will process applications in the form of two years minimum service. Fail, then France is the alternative option!