Modern housing solutions, the contractor for maintaining the quarters in my local area are worse than useless. Had four letters of complaint from them about not being at home when the electrical inspector called, that is because he never called, twats.
Given up complaining, moss growing on walls. bathroom floor that moves with water underneath it.
One of the plug sockets on the wall smashed open, a bloke came out to repair it, one strip of black nasty was applied and so far no sign anything else.(Six months on)
As for worst quarters, Blankenhagen in Gutersloh (Coloured squares) rates up there along with Palace barracks or as my beloved called it, Prozac palace.
Off to Abingdon in October so if you have any info on quarters there, it will be appreciated.


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The MQ's at RAF Leeming were awsome when I was with 10 Sqn RE. We were off the station but the MQ's were amazing. DHE wasnt to bad and the call out service when there was a problem was very prompt.

Once when a cabinet fell off the wall in the kitchen the DHE chap was round in minutes and offering to pay for everything in it "just tell us what you want if you know what I mean...."

Tidworth- awful what a change from Leeming.

Waterbeach not bad. DHE crap.
When I lived in Bielefeld as a brat in the Mid 80's, when HQ 1 (BR) Corps was there along with the likes of 6 Ord Bn - Heepen was one of the nicest MQ areas going - mainly being occupied by WO/SNCO & Occifer's families. I remember it as being clean, well-kept and a place you could walk around at nights without any worries. Sorry to hear it's sunk so low.

It was certainly far nicer than say Asemissen.

Or the high rise flats in Oerlinghausen, which were about 10-20 miles from ANY garrison amenities or facilities. Oerlinghausen seemed to be where SSO/ASU dumped most of the newly weds or childless couples. Surrounded by Germans that weren't keen on them being there in the first place and nothing there but a poxy little NAAFI and a BFES primary school. Must have been fun........not. And, if you didn't drive you were stuffed. I remember someone once telling me that Oerlinghausen had one of the highest divorce rates of an MQ Estate in BFG.

Speaking of crap MQ's, does anyone remember the prefab rabbit hutches that used to be on Anzio Close and Salerno Crescent in Aldershot? Peeling paint, wind coming through the badly fitted or rotting wooden window frames? Ah, the joys.

Having said that, the best our family ever had was Durham Court in Kowloon Tsai in HK. Huge great big place with a living room like a ball room and views from the balcony over the bay to HK Island. Brilliant stuff.
I lived in Florence Nightingale Strasse. Oerlinghausen was great. We had our own NAFFI, playschool and social club. The schools were easy walking distance and it had a real community feel.

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