Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Arte_Et_Parte, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. Having lived in many different garrisons and housing estates i though it about time someone started a thread warning potential tenants of the worst housing in each garrison/station. I have had to live in at least one house i would rather not have had to take over, but was told its that or nothing. Many friends have also had horror stories to tell about uncaring estate wardens and sh1t houses.

    To start the thread off:

    Arborfield - the whole patch. very small houses surrounded by civies who are unfriendly and dont appreciate the military and people in the housing office who don't care.
  2. This is my 12th MQ and without doubt the worst,

    ST Michaels Estate in Colchester

    with the modern housing people now in charge there is no decent standards anymore and DHE put all the blame back on them. I know what standards are expected and complained about shit stains on toilets, cooker minging, taps not working and after lots of phone cals things finally got sorted. I feel sorry for young couples who arent sure of the standards and just sign on the dotted line.
  3. The Canada estate in Bulford is one of the worst I've ever seen. You might as well live in the houses in Tin City!
  4. Sommerhuffe Str in Bielefeld.

    I live next to a football pitch that is used all hours of the day and night by both padbrats, German kids, spicks and now russian gangs as a drinking den. When i say next to, the back door to my house is about 20 m from one of the goals. Kids poking my dog through the fence with sticks and jumping into the garden to get their ball back without asking when the dog is out.
    SSO can't be arrsed to do anything cos he lives in a nice quiet patch miles away. Heepen is the grottiest patch i have seen in Germany and no one who is supposed to care gives a sh1t.

    Stay away from Heepen if you get the chance.
  5. Hiedemark in Fally. Moved into my SFA the place was disgustingly dirty. Fat from the last occupants deep fat fryer on the wall in the kitchen, Water stains on the walls in 2 bedrooms, master bedroom carpet with 12 to 15 fag burns in it and the whole place painted a revolting shade of lime green. The estate warden could see nothing wrong. wan*er!!!

    We had to pay for the cleaning service in our previouse place so that we could march into sh1t hole like that. And not for the first time either.
  6. Come on people, we have all been subjected to the moans about the standards of marching in being different than those of marching out.
    I don't believe for 1 minute that we are all content with the standard of SFA.
    My better half is convinced that all SSO's have a secret table where they list those families who always leave their place in good order when they march out and then tell their mates so that those people can be put in sh1t holes in order to tidy them up.
  7. I knew id be on the top of one list somewhere.
  8. Arborfield was nice until they sold off Valon Road and surrounding streets. I was moved out of Valon Road so that it could be sold off. I cleaned it to the normal March Out standard, but 6 months later it still empty and was in shti state with smashed windows etc.
  9. Weinberg Estate Fallingbostel Germany, it wasn't that the quarters were that bad it was the surrounding occupants that was the trouble. Kurdish Turks (who raided you stack bins regulary, putting their kids inside to rummage through chucking rubbish on the street. Bikes nicked from cellars, cars damaged, items stolen off balconies, brit kids frighten to go out as were being threaten my Turk kids who carried knives,young Turk kids having a poo on the grass by quarters, German liaison bloke who always blamed the brit kids if something went wrong !!!) but otherwise I loved Fally :) (when I moved to a different estate) :wink:
  10. anyone got a shocking tale to tell about their housing? is it STILL as bad?
  11. Worst quarter I ever had was at Tidworth in 1981-82. Always bloody freezing indoors.

    Best one was an RAF WOs quarter at RAF Brampton - large 3 bed semi with huge kitchen and nice garden. It has a council estate built next to it now I think so its probably gone downhill.

    I had a great MQ flat at Europa point in Gibraltar in the late 70's - fantastic view across the straights from the balcony.

  12. That's me buggered then! Compared to my last place though (Chilwell, Nottingham)the house in Heepen is a palace! Chilwell, small rabbit hutches built in the 30s (1830s I think), inefficient heating, damp problems and general dump.

    Oh, and to froggatt - do one journo! :)
  13. are you a journo by any chance? just asking because of your journo type question above and also the one below

  14. The state of investigative journalism these days is nothing less than shocking, just no effort at all. Can just imagine frogtw@ts next post:

  15. When I lived in Bielefeld as a brat in the Mid 80's, when HQ 1 (BR) Corps was there along with the likes of 6 Ord Bn - Heepen was one of the nicest MQ areas going - mainly being occupied by WO/SNCO & Occifer's families. I remember it as being clean, well-kept and a place you could walk around at nights without any worries. Sorry to hear it's sunk so low.

    It was certainly far nicer than say Asemissen.

    Or the high rise flats in Oerlinghausen, which were about 10-20 miles from ANY garrison amenities or facilities. Oerlinghausen seemed to be where SSO/ASU dumped most of the newly weds or childless couples. Surrounded by Germans that weren't keen on them being there in the first place and nothing there but a poxy little NAAFI and a BFES primary school. Must have been fun........not. And, if you didn't drive you were stuffed. I remember someone once telling me that Oerlinghausen had one of the highest divorce rates of an MQ Estate in BFG.

    Speaking of crap MQ's, does anyone remember the prefab rabbit hutches that used to be on Anzio Close and Salerno Crescent in Aldershot? Peeling paint, wind coming through the badly fitted or rotting wooden window frames? Ah, the joys.

    Having said that, the best our family ever had was Durham Court in Kowloon Tsai in HK. Huge great big place with a living room like a ball room and views from the balcony over the bay to HK Island. Brilliant stuff.