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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mazur_UK, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. Got this idea while watching Starship Troopers the other day. As those of you who have seen the film will know to become a 'citizen' you have to serve a minimum time in the armed forces.

    Would this work in modern Britian? If you want to be a politician, Doctor, go to Uni or vote etc then you have to serve for 3, 4 years in the forces.

    I think this would work because at the moment any idiot can vote, it doesn't matter if he has done nothing except sell drugs all of his life he still automatically get the right to vote.


    Sorry if this has already been done but did a quick search and didn't find it.
  2. Yes, on this site you'll find plenty of professionally trained and minded soldiers really bursting to waste their time training illegal immigrants.
  3. I like the sentiment but it wouldn't work. Not everybody serves their country by stagging on! And i think we are a richer country for having it this way. If all the chavs joined the military then it would become "over chav'd" and at some point they will infect the highe echelons! At this point, its not long before berets are replaced with caps and instead of yes sir, you get "ohmygodinnit".

    I would like to see it harder to get benifits, and if you can't get a job, then you do community service to get a basic benifit package!
  4. The chavs wouldn't have to join the army, it's not compulsory, it would just mean that they can't get the right to vote or to get certain job or go to uni etc.
  5. My bold

    from most of the election results, they don't know how to vote anyway! they don't realise why they should.
  6. But if you are doing community service, how are you going to have the time to actively seek jobs? Job seekers must be able to look for and pursue opportunities full time.
  7. Did you mean the right to vote in elections or for the outcome of television shows?
  8. Dangerous stuff - you are proposing a two-tier system in which the State expects service in some form to achieve the elevated status of 'citizen' and a raft of benefits that come with it. As a result a fresh underclass is created with the State imposing limits on the aspirations and potential of those who wouldn't or couldn't serve.

    Might look alright on paper but even NL should blanch at this one. I always took Starship Troopers to be something of a pisstake?
  9. elections although not being able to vote in Big Brother might be a bigger blow to the chav community....
  10. And the premise that military service is the only kind of contribution that one can make to the state is clearly rubbish - this country would collapse without an army of people workig in the commercial world.
  11. One thing you should note though is that foreign students pay a higher rate at Uni than domestic ones. They either pay for it themselves or in some case their government pays.

    stab (worked for immigration for 9 years)
  12. I'm sure there would be plently of people who would chose not to serve, or who after serveing would join the commertial market and could do those jobs.
  13. Hmmmm....

    What about those of us with medical conditions that exclude us from service?
  14. I was gonna write about that, you could apply for some sort of exclusion, or chose to work in say the police as a clark etc for 2 years.
  15. Yes, but why should those who have never served not be entitled to the same rights as those who have? The only conceivable reason is that military service is somehow more 'important' than working in the civilian world, which as I have said, is rubbish. The country could not do without either.

    edit: And why retrict access to being doctors? the country needs all the brilliant mind it can get and would do itself no good to start limiting the potential of its citizens.

    Another issue: this looks like a way of securing representation for the armed forces among society's 'elite'. Why should the armed forces get that priviiedge. Why not Nursing, or Policing or Fire-fighting or .... etc etc

    Sorry - typing without the aid of my left index finger - so spelling is abysmal.