Service families camp out for homes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. I seriously hope this is one of BAFF's priorities.

    Please excuse the full cut and paste Guardian , but some people this affects may not be able to get the full story

    Three things here.

    1. Now I was sure part of the original deal was service families had first right of refusal , after an expression of interest. When did this 'Goodwill Gesture' come about?

    2. Will the Conservatives demand an enquiry into this , or will they let this slide, as after all, it was their nasty little handshake

    3. Will BAFF be lobbying Annington to ensure that Service Families are given first refusal , if this was a term in the original Annington deal?

    This whole issue of housing stock could possibly be best raised now, what with the Government desperate to avoid talking about other service-related issues.

    My piss is redlining.
  2. My family and I live in ex quarters. On our estate there is a mix of both military and civilian. I think that the MOD realised their error to late as now military families are in rented accomodation whereas had the MOD realised the error of their ways and not been out to make a quick buck. As for the company selling them (at the risk of being censored by the mods) when they were responsible for the sale of more ex MOD housing where I live they said that regardless of who camped out first military personnel and their families would be given first refusal, then MOD Civil Servants, then existing residents who have already purchased these types of houses through this company then those who were camped out. However that went out of the window as money speaks louder than words.
  3. Well done for highlighting this issue PTP.

    Yet again, the bullshlt media lines made in Westminster versus, the needs of service pers and their' families. I will be interested to see which MP's get a grip of what is going on with Annington. When are those local elections again?!
  4. I am always appalled and amazed by this amd the way families have been ignored

    This particular issue was on BFBS yesterday, the Annington homes spokeswoman said that when the original deal was made with MOD no provision was made for preferential treatment for service personnel and only later did Annington add the "goodwill" gesture.

    Of the development in Coltishall 14 houses from the whole plot were reserved for service personnel for forst refusal until midday today.

    Mrs Algar said the MoD should have sold the homes to military families rather than developers, but the ministry said it was helping its personnel to buy homes.

    Since last September, military families earning less than £60,000 in the south-east have been eligible for assistance under the key workers scheme.

    Fine to say that we get key worker assistance but a report today says that 70% of towns are out of public sector price range and nurses for example can only afford to buy in 1% (all in Scotland - so not much use for South East England)

    Without getting santimonious key workers and the military especially as we are subject to frequent moves need the ability to get a foot on the property ladder. The fact that we contribute directly to society is ignored.

    Military do not appear to have featured in the Halifax report!

    This really does need to get addressed now.
  5. ... and another thing, the in BFBS interview the spokeswoman said that some work was needed to be done to the houses to make them saleble ergo we live in substandard housing!
  6. I find that hard to believe. I am not saying it is untrue, but surely this must have been a discussion/negotiation point during the proceedings?

    Perhaps Mr. Portillo can answer if this point was ever raised?

    The statement from Annington re. preferential treatment , is also at odds with the statement on the Terra Firma website re. Deutsche Annington and the sale of DB workers flats.
  7. beggars belief does it not. And the whole privatisation of MOD houseing stock well i have ranted about value for money by contractorisation in the the Torygraph thread :x :x :x

    Does no goverment realy value the Forces :x
  9. My blood boils!

    The whole Annington Homes affair stunk to high heaven. Guy Hands and Terra Firma made an absolute fortune on the back of the MOD's stupidity and I doubt that I will ever be able to vote for the Tories again.

    By Brian Farmer, PA
    Dozens of first-time buyers were celebrating today after queuing to buy disused houses at a former Second World War fighter base.
    More than 30 couples camped out to be sure of claiming one of 48 homes at RAF Coltishall near Norwich, Norfolk.
    Some staked their claim three weeks ago after property firm Annington offered the two, three and four-bedroomed homes at between £125,000 and £195,000.
    Insurance worker Matthew Bolt, 23, and girlfriend Hannah Furness, 19, who both live locally, arrived on Sunday and found themselves 13th in the queue.
    "Thirteen has always been my lucky number so I was quite pleased to be 13th in the queue on Friday the 13th," Mr Bolt said.
    "We borrowed my little brother's tent - I hadn't been camping since I was in the cubs."
  11. Good Lord... and here I was disgruntled at the mediocre housing assistance the US military provides for it's married members. Has the government there forgotten that soldiers, sailors, and airmen who know their families are secure have higher morale and better mission focus?
  12. Thanks PTP.

    If anyone has any info to assist BAFF on this, please state it here, or email in confidence.

    D.Y. (BAFF)
  13. All very predictable. Private companies are not charities, they exist to make a return for their owners. To do anything but that and the directors are failing in their duty. So, what complete f#ckwit thought it was a good idea to sell to a private company?
  14. Fair points, but it could have been made a condition of the contract. Plus, there is no loss to the shareholders in giving Forces families first refusal.
  15. Hackle, as much as I wish to agree with you I believe you are mistaken. If a civillian turns up and offers more money, it would be remiss of a private company not to maximise it's profits. It sucks and all of this should have been thought out prior to the sale; it reinforces the general contempt that the CoC have for the troops - who spoke out at this - who had the moral courage to resign to highlight the dangers in such a move.