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Discussion in 'Officers' started by richy4, Oct 3, 2011.

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  1. Having just commissioned as a TA officer, I now need to source and buy my own No.2's. Can anyone tell me the best place to buy these from?
    What are the regulations with the shoes for service dress and what tie is required?
  2. Surely as a TA Officer you are scaled for FAD?
  3. Apparently not, plus i haven;t heard good things about FAD
  4. Agree with Alan - you will be issued it, it's called FAD and when you get it, you'll wish you hadn't.

    Any SD you purchase now will be redundant when you get FAD anyway - waste of money.

    In any event, for a TA Officer, service dress is the last thing you should be spending money on. I suggest Mess Kit first and speak to your unit Admin types who should be able to source No1s and leather if you really think you need it. Most corps and regiments run a shop where you can purchase bits and pieces that others have placed on consignment.

    You'll hardly wear it - don't waste your money. Unless you are unit rear party and expecting a load of black ceremonial and as a newly commissioned TA rupert, you won't be.
  5. Is this a wah?

    You claim to be an Officer, yet you don't know how you're supposed to be dressed, infer that you wish to dress differently from the uniform that should be worn, implying you have some sort of choice in the matter, then turn to the internet to help you out?


    Of course you're an officer, silly me :)
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  6. Like what? It's shite.

    Seriously - why do you need SD? If you need it so badly, get your QM to staff through an urgent request through your BOWO to HQLF and it will happen - what's your urgent need??
  7. Hootch

    The whole thread is rubbish! Is the following train of thought, in your opinion, credible..........?

    "I have just been commissioned and have my commissioning grant to spend, should I a)get advice from fellow subbies (from my unit) who have been commissioned in the last couple of years b) ask my Sqn 2IC, OC, PSI Adj or Training Major or c) ask a gang of strangers on the internet?"

    I suspect strongly that the OP is just after a pat on the head for getting a pip.
  8. Bet he's RLC.

    Just as with soldier entry, commissioning into RLC is still Retard's Last Chance...
  9. ACF methinks.......
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  10. I would get in touch with this **** - he knows all about wearing the wrong kit!

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  11. Harsh but fair.

    PS From under what rock do these inadequates and deluded pretenders crawl ?
  12. Oh, that picture is going to do the rounds forever, isn't it... :)
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  13. Yep! :)
  14. As is this one!

  15. I wonder if these blokes realised that "Dad's Army" was a comedy?