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Discussion in 'ACF' started by FFAGrimReaper, Apr 20, 2009.

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  1. hello all,

    where do cadet forces officers source their No 2 service Dress from? because OR 2's are easy enough to find: cadetdirect for the quick expensive option.

    However seeing as all officer's 2's appear to be bespoke how do cadet forces officers sourse theirs.

    Much obliged,
  2. mwl946

    mwl946 LE Good Egg (charities)

    Mine was issued :D

    but im ACF
  3. That's not as useless a reply as you may think. perhaps with some beer.. (international armed forces curency) I will be able to have some issuing going on.

    I have some OR 2's in my local regiment's button etc.

    All the cadets in Sussex are PWRR as are my old Other Ranks 2's... is that a workable plan?

  4. mwl946

    mwl946 LE Good Egg (charities)

    Its certainly worth a go!

    We have the problem that ours has recently changed from Black Watch to RRS, but have a couple of years grace to change over. We currently wear Black Watch tartan kilts for the chaps, and tartan skirts for us laydees but they re struggling to kit out the regiment and TA never mind cadets at the mo. Miles of tartan is being woven!!
  5. Thanks for the input.

    Yes the TA are having problems enough with getting new berets forget getting Bowmanised... gah.. what is the MoD coming to...

    I'll get in touch with Sussex ACF tomorrow.

  6. The Army has stopped issuing No 2's at present, we await with baited breath for FAD to come in. Everybody is having trouble getting the right kit!
  7. ahh yes I've read about that... shame. I prefer the old stuff. I thnk I'm yet to speak to anyone who likes it. However I think there is a thread elsewhere on Arrse to discuss that so I'll not digress!

    Will there not be any left at Brigade level or will they simply just not issue it?

    (I don't really want to rock up to Remembrance day without service dress (I know I ought to have more faith in the MoD but..) I'm clearly not going to get any of the new 2's in time when there are regulars going without.

  8. Your best bet is to get in touch with the Regiment that sponsors you. Quite often the PRI shop has SD and Mess Kit that officers/SNCOs leaving the army put up for sale there. Depending on the quality you may be able to pick up someone's old SD for between 75 and 200 quid, but be prepared to spend a little having it altered and the correct ranks and isignias put on.
  9. Service Dress has been withdrawn at present due to the army redesigning and reissuing to all ranks.

    Apparently all service dress is going to be the same for Officers and OR's.
  10. Well pressed 95's on Rememberance Day are fine and dandy IMHO
  11. Looks like it'll have to be 95's anyway. Local ACF were completely unuseful. As soon as I mentioned the letters CCF she dismissed the idea entirely.

    It's times like these I wish there were less animosity between the organisations. It is strangely funny that when I offered to give her my old OR 2's for free she was over the moon to recieve from a CCF officer, but when I wondered if they could help me source officer's dress for myself it was an unconsidered "no".

    I'm actually quite frustrated right now...:S

    It might be a niieve view, but what say we ACF and CCF users or ARRSE, already united by this website strive to forget the animosity our counterparts feel towards one another>

    *edited for removal of frustrated (and useless) rant
  12. Anyone in the Cadets who gets the arrse about ACF or CCF being 'better' needs a poke in the eye with a blunt pencil - twice.

    I wore 95's last year and looked a sight better than a couple of cnuts in some very ill-fitting 2's. The days all about being there and remembering the fallen, I wouldn't worry about the 2's mate. Just rock up well turned out and stand tall (then get mashed and fall on your arrse in the legion :D )
  13. FFAGrimreaper. Have you claimed your officers clothing alloance yet?Comes in at about £475 if I remember right,ask your AACCF which form it is cant remember off top of my head,then you can buy one or British army surplus offers no2s at £15 for cap jacket and trousers (regt buttons depending on what they have in at the time) and just wear ORs,our AACF told me no problem with that as long as all insignia is correct. I am SSI for a state school up north will try and and find out the form number for you tomorrow. Had about a dozen sets of No2s both army and RAF number twos and the cadets think they are the Bees Knees!
  14. Hi I've handed it it, but it's yet to all go through. I believe there was a small cock-up on that front.

    I'll see if I can check that one though.

    Yeah all tyhe cadets at our contingent (including me in the day) thought 2's were awesome. It's just a nice change isn't it I suppose.

    I think that it would perhaps be better for me to go well turned out in 95's than in Or 2's though?

    cheers for the replies,
  15. Our CCF Army officers will wear OR No2s once I get round to ordering them thro the system