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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by the-jock-ninja, Oct 29, 2012.

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  1. Looking for some advice, try as I might I can't seem to find any decent shoes to wear in place of the shite issued with the new service dress. As we are no longer allowed to wear ammo boots I'm looking for something of a cross between ammo boots and the Oxford type shoes currently issued, ie shoes with triple leather studded soles.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Why? you'll stand out a mile. Our WOs have shoes similar to what you're looking for, if you needed them you'd be issued them like the Household Division are still issued drill boots (which we wear with 2 dress) and the Jocks wear brogues(sp?)
  3. Just get yer self some dealers with segs in.
  4. Them ***** is still in puttees.
  5. So as its not issued, it's not needed, what a load of bollocks. If that's the case why do most of us outside of the household div own and wear ammo boots. It's all about a bit of personal pride and looking good while your at it.
  6. Really, no reasonable answer or reply to a post so it's dismissed with a juvenile comment, get a ******* grip. We can only hope your still a butt **** and not a leader of men, with that attitude were all screwed!
  7. You're considering spending your own money on shoes to replace something given to you for free to wear with a uniform that 90% of soldiers only see once a year. You need to sit down and think about where your life went so wrong.
  8. No, it's about being sensible why waste money on a pair of shoes you'll wear maybe once a year? If you've been told your not allowed to wear drill boots do you think you'll get away with different shoes to everyone else?
  9. Why take such an argumentative stance, if you have no valid advice then shut the **** up!
    As for the once a year bollocks some regts have reintroduced barrack dress Friday, all drill is conducted in barrack dress, and as for permission to wear such a shoe, how on earth did we cope prior with some in ammo boots and some in bulled combat highs? It is not a case of no-one can be different, it is a case of boots are to be phased out for use with no2/barrack dress.
  10. I presume you've expressed your concerns and sought advice from your CoC? Or did you think a random collection of people on an anonymous Internet chat forum would provide you with direction?

    I can see it now. "But Sir, some blokes on the web said it'd be alright to wear them."
  11. Did you really join an Army forum to talk about shoes? Freak.
  12. We used to get issued shoes to wear with Half lovats, (RM equivalent of barrack dress). Dont know if they are still issued, I'd expect so, either tap up a bootneck QM or look in a military surplus store in Guz/Taunton/Arbroath etc.
  13. You can get patent leather shoes through the clothing store, with leather soles. Then all you need to do is get the cobbler to put the studs and horse shoes on
  14. Barrack dress is with shoes, barrack dress drill order would be drill boots (or whatever your CoC want you to wear). I've actually seen a pair of shoes that would meet your requirements though I've no idea how you'd get hold of a pair. I tired searching online but all ebay/google threw up was the normal issued shoes with rubber soles.

    I would seriously consider checking with your CoC before buying/wearing any different shoes. Certainly in my lot it's only officers/WOs that wear them.