Service Dress needed

Hello all,

Need a Service Dress rather urgently (sold my original a few years ago when it started shrinking!) - are there any decent purveyors of such?

arte et marte

Could do with a little more detail old chap (unit, rough sizes, etc).

I know where there are a couple of suits which could probably be had for a small donation to Yorkshire ACF. :D
Gosh, that was quick!


Chest 44
Waist 36
Inside Leg 29-30
Height 5'6"
Hat 7 3/8"

All sizes approximate and unconfirmed by the Brigadier (my wife - but don't tell her I call her that!).

Goodly sized donation awaits something approximating the above

Kind regards

Wow, thanks chaps - my cup runneth over!

Arborfield don't have anything in my size - pleaekeep the suggestions coming - especially if it includes a telephone number/website

PM sent :D

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