Service Dress needed

Discussion in 'Officers' started by m.mus, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. Hello all,

    Need a Service Dress rather urgently (sold my original a few years ago when it started shrinking!) - are there any decent purveyors of such?

    arte et marte

  2. Could do with a little more detail old chap (unit, rough sizes, etc).

    I know where there are a couple of suits which could probably be had for a small donation to Yorkshire ACF. :D
  3. Gosh, that was quick!

    REME Lt

    Chest 44
    Waist 36
    Inside Leg 29-30
    Height 5'6"
    Hat 7 3/8"

    All sizes approximate and unconfirmed by the Brigadier (my wife - but don't tell her I call her that!).

    Goodly sized donation awaits something approximating the above

    Kind regards

  4. Isn't it being phased out to make way for a generic all arms one size fits all service dress?
  5. maybe he can't wait until 2007 for 2006 remembrance parade!!!
  6. REME Dead Officers' Dress Shop in Arborfield can usually help out.

  7. Worthy Down has a few too. Though most of them are in outsize sizes!
  8. RLC QMs ar Deepcut have loads at very good prices.
  9. Wow, thanks chaps - my cup runneth over!

    Arborfield don't have anything in my size - pleaekeep the suggestions coming - especially if it includes a telephone number/website

  10. Sign out body armour before going to Deepcut!