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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by KnightsofRowallan, Oct 11, 2010.

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  1. A rather simple question I hope.

    I have an item on my pay slip called 'Service Days pay giving'. Self explanitory as to what it is, but how do I make it stop?

    Because it adds up to £232 per year and that is certainly NOT a days pay for me!!!
  2. I know, it's a piss take, isn't it? As for opting out, I'm unsure, never opted in.

    Try PMing sluggy.
  3. Roger that dingerr.

    I did read on the RLC site how they paid out £400-£500 here and there to various people. WOW.

    I reckon they've had about £3,000 out of me so far!!!
  4. The RLC gives £30k a year for the Corps Mess and a large amount to the Victory Services Club, for which it has a place on the board.

    DRLC attends WO2-WO1 boards, if you don't pay Corps subs, you won't get promoted.
  5. This has came up before on the RLC thread I put up a link what the money gets spent on (The link mysterious now doesnt work) but I think it was something like 100 odd thousand on the sustainer.
    If there are 17000 loggies paying in an average of 60quid a year theres a million quid a year in the pot.
    Its also normally career suicide from Tom upwards to refuse to pay. (Except certain ammo techs)
  6. In the Royal Engineers one is "invited" to give a days pay per year to the REA. The money goes towards various good works and, when you die, you can have a free funeral paid for by the REA. Alternatively you can make a lump sum payment and become a life member of the REA. You still get a free funeral. So maybe, somewhere along the line, you put a tick in a box allowing the powers that be to charge you somewhat for something. Your pay office will be able to advise you. But if they cant,or wont, give them a bloody good shoeing.
  7. I always got the impression that as Wedge you got a fair return for subs. It certainly is not the case in the RLC.
  8. Don't the army provide some costs to a funeral anyway? Or is that only if you die in combat?
  9. The RLC one days pay scheme is/should be voluntary, contributors to it are able to get funding towards taking part in AT/Sports tours etc, I can't remember off the top of my head where the rest of the cash goes.

    If I remember rightly, it is taken quarterly rather than monthly.
  10. I paid the Royal Signals version for about 20 years, and even maximised the value for the fund by signing the covenant. I was happy with this when I thought that the cash was being used to support those associated with the Corps who had fallen on hard times, or to improve the lot of the poor tom. I stopped though when I saw in 'The Wire' that they had used about £5000 to subsidise the Corps Officers' Dining Club and that even more cash had been granted to buy new f**kin yachts.

    I didn't get any grief and it didn't affect my promotion.
  11. Its every month for us (a 12th of a days pay), it is voluntary, You just have to go in front of several people to explian why you don't want to (these people having a lot of input to your SJAR).
  12. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Sounds suspiciously like 'Making an unwarranted demand for money with menaces' aka 'Blackmail' to me.

    Nice to see some old traditions never die.

    Hope the officers dining club is doing nicely.
  13. As a retired soldier I have been doing casework for SSAFA for a number of years, although I live in a rural area we get about 4 calls a month for help from ex service personnel. These are all financial help required in one form or another and all Regimental / Corps Associations are very helpul and supportive. May I say to those who criticise the scheme that none of us know what is waiting around the corner and when we might be grateful for somebody there to help.
  14. I don't think anyone minds paying it per se, it's more the way it's done that gets my goat. When I first saw it on my payslip I did a double take, I don't recall ever being asked about it, I don't think it's accountable (if it was, would a dining club be one of the beneficiaries...?) and I am unlikely to ever benefit from it, my Corps sole aim being to pay for a spot at the arboretum to remember the one Corps serviceman killed since the second world war. Tragic? Yes. A good use of funds given the current difficulties faced by hundreds of service personnel from other arms and services? No.
  15. I do mind paying it and therefore I don't.

    You must have signed off to it at some point squiddly.