Service days pay scheme - do rhq/capbadges publish accounts & should they ?

I thought that I had 'volunteered' to give one days pay a year to the AGC Regtl Assoc years ago (my boss was explicit that it would be a career foul if I was not seen to be 'loyal').

Checking my pay slip I now seem to be paying far more that 1/12 of my daily rate of pay, I can't ever remember being asked about that increase - were you ?

Has anyone actually seen any financial accounts for our 'Charity' ? I thought they might be published on the Regtl Assn website but I can't see them - can you ?

I just would like to know how much I am mean to be paying and where it all goes to - is that not a requirement for those who contribute ?

I hear that there is a huge wad from the Fund being used to offset costs of the Corps Day next month (20th anniv), I would like to see what I am paying for.

I have contibuted for many years and I am happy to support the causes I thought I was paying into - for those of our people who fall onto hard times and need help.

I am NOT content to subsidise other activities 'carte blanche' such as skiing, polo etc (exclusive activities which attract a very senior audience) and a Corps event that many of us cannot attend where my money is offsetting costs to passing civvies, retired dignitaries (retired senior officers), all because RHQ have organised something noone is interested in.

Should we not be consulted and informed on what we pay and where it goes ? Too late now before next months unpopular event takes place but they should show where ALL the grants go to so we can query if the amount we contribute is going where the members really want it to.

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