Service Days Pay Giving

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by big_un, Jun 30, 2007.

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  1. Any JPA gurus out there no how to cancel the 'Service Days Pay Giving'.

    Looking at doing it as a protest of having my pay screwed up constantly, increasingly more so every month.

    I suggest that everyone else who has had it with JPA also does so. Then hopefully when enough have done so, and the funds start to run dry, someone upstairs with power will take note and start the ball rolling in getting JPA sorted.
  2. Can you enlighten me as to what it's for? £8 a month is steep for Reggie Subs, if that's what I think it's for.
  3. You have got it all wrong, Service Days pay has nothing to do with JPA.It is controlled by yoyr Reglt/Corps Secretary. If you have signed up to these schemes they can take up to 200% od a days pay, ask your HHQ how much yours is. To stop it there is a JPA form which is actioned by the Corps Sec.

    I say again this is not a JPA thing, if you stop the only people to suffer will be your chums who have fallen on hard times.
  4. Don't recall signing anything recently, and it's only since JPA pay statements that it's started.

    I'm not one to argue the toss when it comes to charities, but previously I paid £17 every 3 months into Reg Subs. Now I pay £8 a month. This is a large mark up considering nothing has even been mentioned.

    Paymaster, you mention they can take up to 200% of a days pay, can you elaborate? (Also, a reminder of recent achievements with this money would be nice, if you know of any).
  5. Cant understand JPA at all....never even got paid this month....
    I'm on POTL after a tour....and they have stopped paying me a month early and according to the pay line online...they took most of it away?and never paid me the remainder....GitS.

    Everything was fine untill The TA tried to take me back on...I dnt know why they tried still on Mob untill 27 July....
  6. Reg Subs as it was called taken out quarterly (every three months Jan, Apr, Jul & Oct).

    Now called Days Pay Giving taken out monthly at a rate set by RHQ of the Cap Badge you belong to. You may find that the rate has gone up due to the way it is now deducted.

    The difference now is that it is taken prior to tax so you pay slightly less tax than you used to as it is for charity........ yes it is voluntary !!! However if the rate of deduction as gone up then you may pay more! But you should have completed a form confirming this.

    JPA E014 is called Authority for Recovery of Subscriptions to Corps/Regimental Associations/Benevolent Funds Officers/Other Ranks, and it is used to Start/Stop any donations.

    What i can say and have experienced is that some RHQs have paid money to units for sports equipment and welfare assistance when the MOD Regulations dont cover those costs. But if you dont pay into it then you wont benefit from it!!
  7. I have just been informed today that not only is it frowned upon to withdraw my monthly 'giving' but to go ahead would be 'career suicide'. I estimate that I have paid over £7000 in to it in 25yrs + and would have committed a further £1500 in the next five years. Time to get a rope me thinks...............
    Wouldn't have really gone ahead with it if both quotes hadn't been used. My, the view from the moral highground looks good today! Bet it doesn't soon though!
  8. It's also interesting to see that you are a pretty high rank. £7000 over 25 years puts you paying £280 per year. As that would have been your daily rate of pay (as it was worked out pre JPA) you will be at least a 2 star. Therefore, I would not consider it as "career suicide" on your wages. However, if you have miscalculated, and are not a General, I sincerely hope you never fall on hard times when you leave the service. YB
  9. YB - I pay £26+ per month (think the days pay bit may have got lost in translation) £26 X 12 X 25 =£7000+. Admittedly I didn't start on that wage but you get the point. Not all the money goes to helping out individual though does it? I have been informed that over 50% goes to the Messes - so glad I have a mess but not everyone does. I hope you feel you are getting your moneys worth.

    Shiny - Career suicide was the term used by a someone giving a little 'friendly advice' along the corridor in the big top, after all 'did I really want to submit it?'. ARRSE is such a good place to sound off. Even though it is voluntary, I have submitted the paperwork yesterday. Lets see how long it takes and what hurdles now have to be jumped.
  10. I find it amazing that although most personnel pay into the "One Days Pay Scheme" they are not really sure what for!

    It strikes me that the only personnel that gain from this money spinning idea, (apart from those that are injured on ops, and they deserve every penny they get!!!!) are the mates of some old spunker on the board of the association, who served 2 years national service during the Crimean War and needs a new window in the conservatory or a new fridge freezer. I am aware of quite a few serving personnel who have approached the Regimental Association and been given the FOT (Fcuk Off Tablet).

    No matter what the incentive given (free stable belt, glossy magazine), you are very unlikely to receive any assistance from the association. If you work it out, you will be better off putting your money elsewhere, the chances of you ever needing help is small and if you look at the grants etc awarded, they would be nowhere near what you would have paid in over your full career. Opt out and either donate it to a charity that you may call on in the future or save it in an account, as a rainy day fund!

    However, if you are happy with throwing your money away, and enjoy watching Officers getting grants from your association for Mess Functions that you cannot attend, then crack on.

    Think about it, why should a Regimental Association sit on our money and give us nothing in return? a glossy magazine once a year for that amount of money! your having a giraffe.

  11. I believe on the other thread someone (possibly Stacker1) said that their Corps RSM had pulled out a list of non payers on a course or some such.

    Someone else also told a story of an RSM asking the RHQ to provide a list of all those who had opted out of the scheme.
  12. When IS payday this month, anyways?
  13. Highly amusing, I have had, and will no doubt soon be questioned again about my loyalty and why I do not wish to offset some inbred with a family tree like a broom handle's Mess Functions and poor old Jonny Scrote who managed to slip aboard a paddle steamer during the civili war who needs a new pair of boots!

  14. I think that maybe just an individual unit policy, although others may be similar

    In my situation if someone decides to opt out all they receive is a RHQ snooty gramme/letter requesting justification for your actions and a request to reconsider.