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Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by skidrow, Aug 2, 2011.

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  1. Hi,does anyone know what happens when you put a service complaint in?I have heard that the person gets more victimised and the situation gets worse,is that true???
  2. Yes it is.
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  3. Didn't you see what happened to Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket?
  4. I complained about the service I was getting from my ISP, but nothing was done.
  5. Well I heard that if you complain then the powers that be are allowed to slice you in two with a bread knife and then dance about on your grave singing Hallelujah.

    But you try and tell the arrse posters that... and they won't believe ya'
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  6. Whats up with all the sarcasm anyway??

    Just a general query.
  7. You need to get used to the ways of ARRSE, you will get abuse/sarcasm/mocked and occasionaly good advice. If you don't like it log off (you cannot conduct a service complaint on here softarrse).
  8. The complaint goes to your CO and they will appoint/you select someone to be your advising officer (outside your direct CoC). You will then have to decide if you want the complaint to be unofficial and dealt with by your units CoC or official in which case it gets sent off via JPA so it can be tracked and gets dealt with at a higher (Army?) level.

    You would also need to decide what you would want as the outcome of your complaint. Speak to your CoC or check out the JSP for all the gen.
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  13. That makes as much sense as one of skidrow's posts.