Service Complaints Commissioner issues 1st report

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by hackle, Mar 4, 2009.

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  2. These are the Service Complaints Commissioner's conclusions, generating 17 recommendations as listed in her report.

  3. Unsurprisingly, most of today's media coverage of this story gives prominence to the 'bullying' angle.

    eg Guardian - 'Armed forces criticised over bullying'

  4. I may be "Old School" being that i joined in 1989 but what we call bullying these days is different to what bullying is I know of a case of a Single one who was AGAI'd for completing a job to a poor standard. She asked for a review and then asked for another review both upheld the AGAI, she then got a lawyer (with her dad's her) and said it was Corporate Bullying because she was a single Mum.

    Its complete kak, gone have the days of "Duty beatings" but now everyone has to wear "cotton gloves" around people. With regards to parents or other family members contacting her Dept, that also is a nitemare as they only have one side of a story, and the investigation takes days if not weeks, surely there is more important things we could spend our time on.

    With regards to the incident i mentioned above that took 3 weeks of investigation and included 2 different investigations and went all the way up to the SO2, and what was the outcome.......... Soldier On the AGAI was correct, Ref the Corporate Bullying this was laughed at by Div Legal and the SO2, outcome of this Soldier is awaitng posting some time Mid Jul to somewhere not so nice....

    **Puts Soap Box Away**
  5. No confidence in the system, no wonder. How the hell do you complain, outside of the CoC (I love that abbreviation, its often so apt 8) ), when your concerns are not even allowed to be discussed? There is no real, protective whistleblower system in the MoD as you always have to go through the CoC :?

    Bit of a problem when its the CoC that is the problem you wish to address :x
  6. I am out of the army now,I was medically discharged with chronic PTSD back in 2006.

    In 2003, my PTSD was triggered off again, I started to see a psychiatrist arranged from the medical centre, I'd been seeing a psychiatrist around two months, the problems were getting harder to deal with so the psychiatrist and my MO arranged that I should have two weeks on the sick.

    After coming back into work after two weeks on the sick, I was confronted by one of the Cpl telling me I had lost my job, and the Commanding Officer had made him up, because I couldn't be bothered with the job. So from June 2003 until September 2003 I was suspended from my job as a senior NCO.

    I tried to get interviews with the commanding officer but was just given a load of cock and bull from him and the adjutant.

    In September, I had had enough, so I placed a formal complaint in against the commanding officer and the way I've been treated, at the unit.

    My formal complaint got all the way up to a board of officers and was heard in the October 2005, a week after I was medically discharged.

    Remember when you get medically discharged you have ninety days to start your administration before you are out.

    The board of officers was a whitewash, they couldn't even produce any of my witnesses. During the day of the board of officers, each time they had a break the commanding officer & the board of officers would meet up to get a coffee together in a separate room. where's I was told I'd have to go to another building, for a drink.

    I got so fed up with it I threatened the commanding officer's in front of the board of officers, the outcome from this was nothing. I must have been one of the only soldiers to threaten the Commanding Officer in front of a Brigadier, and nothing was done about it.

    The complaints system in the armed forces should be totally independent from the chain of command.

    I personally feel that by having it independent of the chain of command there will be greater transparency and junior ranks & senior ranks, would probably feel that they've been treated better than they had under the old system from the chain of command. I was not even informed of the outcome of the board of officers, until I applied for a copy of the board of officers about a year and a half after the board of officers.

    I had to take them to a civilian court, before I felt I got any justice at all.
  7. "My door is always open" advice from an OC. Fortunately I never did make a complaint because:
    There was no system to do so.
    My main complaint was that my OC was a total cutn.

    What is it today, " a complaints NCO"? Maybe a room next to the guardroom office headed Complaints Dept