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Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Boxer818, May 28, 2013.

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  1. can anyone shed some light on the sequence of events and how long I need to put it in after the event?

    Cheers in advance
  2. There is a website, It is IIRC 6 months from the event unless there is extenuating circumstances.

    The website will explain the sequence of events but if it goes anything like mine (Which was a cluster) you will be appointed an Assisting Officer, You will outline your complaint and it will go to the relevant people. You should be kept updated.
  3. "3. Timelines and Targets. The current timelines and targets for the resolution of SCs at each level of the process, as set out in JSP 831 (Redress of Individual Grievances: Service Complaints) and JSP 763 (The MOD Bullying and Harassment Complaints Procedures), will be replaced with a simplified new single 24 calendar week timeline and the removal of the distinction between Type A and B variants. The target is for 90% of complaints to be completed within the timeline. To ensure consistency and efficiency of reporting, the timeline will not be paused or have any time discounted such as for periods of disclosure or for absence of individuals who are party to the complaint. The single Service secretariats will monitor the performance and progress of each complaint against the timeline to identify undue delay and its causes, and to instigate mitigating action with the chain of command where necessary. "
  4. You need to get your service complaint in within 3 months of the last incident that you're complaining about. Some points:

    1. Your complaint needs to be formal (written, signed and dated) within the 3 month timeline.
    2. Getting your service complaint in means getting it to your CO. If your complaint is about your CO, you can go through the Service Complaint Commissioner, who will refer it through the Service Complaints Wing at Army HQ.
    3. If your complaint falls outside the 3 month time limit, it may still be considered if there are good reasons why you could not get it submitted within the 3 months
  5. Many thanks
  6. If you were given an assignment order for a new job, having been informed 6months previously and then informed 72hrs before taking up the post, that you were no longer required due to a 'Non-Blameworthy' Removal from Appointment.

    Do I have any grounds to challenge this.......?
  7. You should at least have been told why. Ask your CoC for an explanation. I once challenged my CO to sack me using non=blameworthy removal from post (it was the end of a brutal and bloody breakdown of the relationship) and she said she didn't want to initiate the Major Admin Action that it required (to which I accused her of lacking moral courage which didn't help things much). It is one of the sanctions under MAA but can it be used outside Admin Action? Not sure but it is one that you Adjutant should be able to find the answer to. As always you CoC is the first port of call.
  8. I haven't been agai'ed. I was supported by my CoC by moving into pid that is held by my organisation, but ran by a different sporting committee.

    They just said it wasn't in their interest to bring me in. That's fair enough, but don't tell me for 6 months that I am their man and then 72hrs before going in, pull me!!!

    I do feel aggrieved by it all, but there's apparently nothing I can do.
  9. As long as you haven't been career fouled or suffered financially it looks like you'll just have to put this one down to life in a green (or MTP) suit then.
  10. Do you mind me asking - is this a quote from a new procedural structure? Only I notice it is in quotes and wonder what the source is. Can you advise? Thanks