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My child is due to go back to boarding school for the first time flying back to the UK. We have moved during the summer.

My questions(s) are the airline want to charge me a fee for an unaccompanied minor which I am happy with and understand I can claim this back, however because it is their first time flying back to school I would like to fly back with them. The cost of this flight for me is actually cheaper than the unaccompanied minor charge.

Can I claim for my flight and put it down as an unaccompanied minor, saving me and the MOD money.

Secondly the cost of transporting my child from the airport to the school is quite a bit more expensive using the schools transport than if I hired a car, can I claim this part of the journey back. For example taxi to school from airport £50 hire car £25 saving £25. Child is to young to use public transport by theirself.

Many thanks for your time. There is nothing on JSP 752 that I can see in regards to this.
My 3 cherubs regularly used the SCV flights and we offered many ways in which the beloved MoD would save money and every time we were given the old ta but no ta...rules are rules and we can't possibly relax them!

it would cost us in excess of £250 to get kids to the airport and we were unable to claim any of the money back.

Good luck I got so fed up with the farce of getting kids in and out of England we became an admin family and got posted back to England!

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