Service charities hit by Iceland melt-down?

Service charities, financially.....

  • have lost money in this c0ck-up

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  • Are much cannier than the CPL,thank God

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  • Frankly, are like children in a crap game with a sack full of Monopoly notes

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  • are sound .End of.

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I expect someone has already posted this in the ' The sky is falling ' thread but damned if I can be Arrsed to trawl through 34 pages of posts from financiers congratulating each other on how they saw it coming and have diversified into Rio Tinto Zinc 'Oh AGES ago Old Boy' to be honest.

Listening to the Home Service yesterday, I was mildly gobsmacked to hear someone from the Cats Protection League solemnly telling the presenter that they'd got ELEVEN MILLION QUID in an Icelandic bank which was now looking a bit dodgy for them.

This followed hot on the heels of an urgently phrased begging letter from Sir Evelyn Webb-Carter at the Army Benevolent Fund - which, incidentally gave some heart-rending details of a badly injured soldier I have met.

. Which Service charities have lost money in Iceland?
. How Much?
. Why?

Anyone with answers on a postcard please.

Billy Bock

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