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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by squaddie_screw, Feb 17, 2011.

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  1. Pleases help

    I left the Army in 2009 and I’m just in the process of applying to be a special constable, the online application form is asking for my service character assessment and will not let me submit the form until I have completed this section unfortunately, I have no idea where to find this information. I have checked my certificate of service and record of service but it’s not there.

    Please please please can someone tell me where to find this information?
  2. Wah shield on, page 2 of your red book, 'certificate of service' at the top of the page. Wah shield off
  3. No Wah shield required mate this is genuine request. I was not issued with a red book due to government cut backs... not sure when they stopped giving them out but i certainly did not receive one. All I got was an inaccurate A4 bit of paper.
  4. Ever the sceptic, but however you were discharged you would have had a form (or Red Book) explaining the paragraph of Queens Regs under which you were discharged & your character assessment:nod:

    I received a red book in 1993 and again after 6 years FTRS in 2005 and I will receive another shortly when I am medically discharged in a few months time:excited:

    Cut backs? How much do you think any Government expect to save by cutting back on a few hundred red books:?
  5. Were you ever charged?
  6. No never charged and nothing bad apart from the odd agai 67 lol. Have checked all my docs revived and still have nothing!
  7. Contact Joint Personnel Adminstration Centre 0800 085 3600, they should take your query and raise it with the last unit you with, and hopefully get back to you.