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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Flash2012, Dec 14, 2012.

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  1. Hello,I have received a sap from 1992,at first I received around £350, that was until 2001ish when i received a letter from paymaster general, which stated that i had been overpaid for so many years and that my sap was to be decreased to £56 a month, I do not have to pay anything back and like it or lump it. I was just wondering if anybody thinks that i have a case, i mean, this is a big drop for me, i know i should of done something before now and i probably think it is too late now, but surely this is wrong and i was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else?:scratch:
  2. Eleven years and you've done bugger all? Not the brightest of starts.

    First off, were they wrong to pay you as much as they did initially? They say so, but how do you know they are correct in that assertion? Are they correct in the figures they are giving you now? Their track record ain't great. How do you know you can trust that figure?

    You need an independent view on what your pension should have been/should be now. And someone to tell you whether they are entitled to recoup the excess (if there was an excess) without reference to you in the first instance.

    And I wouldn't rule out recourse to m'learned friends.

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  3. Who would you recommend for an independent review, I dont want to get in contact with paymaster general at Crawley, because they would just say that I am entitled to whatever i am getting. I must be stupid for not getting in contact with someone before now.
  4. Just phone XFinity and ask them.

    (See that? That was me at the end of my ****ing tether).
  5. I`ll give it a whirl, cheers for that.
  6. Do you know if an SAP goes off the number of years you served?
  7. phone them up and ask them!!!!!!!!!!

  8. From what I remember from way back when yes, it is.

    Xafinity only pay out what Glasgow tell them to. I suspect you might have to start with APO Glasgow and work out from there.