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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by kilo42, Nov 24, 2011.

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  1. All three services are fond of acronyms. There must be many that get a bit distorted, or the lads invent some of their own. I had to search on line to find out what STAB stands for just never seen it B.A. We used to refer to my own mob as the Royal Air Farce, and an there was something called tactical deployment and policy unit, or TDAPU I believe, that was referred to by those that had to attend as, Thinly Disguised As a Piss Up.
    Both these are pretty tame but there must be a few gems out there ?
  2. Bowman= Better Off With Map And Nokia
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  3. NAAFI = No Ambition And Fuckall Interest.
  4. For use on panels on board submarines as told by FOST,SCAR,Select,Check,Action,Review,which I changed to START,Select,Try it,make an Arse of it,Try again
  5. S.A.S = Scandinavian Airlines System :)
  6. Aw Bless!!! Sounds like you've had a bit of a sheltered life. But I guess you have to be an ARAB to know what a STAB is :)
  7. What do the RFA do? Relatively **** All, it's a Refuage For Alcoholics!
    Your a MARINE: Muscles Are Required, Intelegence Not Essential
    And the NAVY? Never Again Volunteer Yourself

    Oh well ROMFT (Roll On My ******* Time!)
  8. Rolls Royce Derby had a computer system called MAGPIE.

    It stood for Machine for Automatically Generating Paper Instead of Engines.
  9. Technically an acronym is an abbreviation which actually makes another word, so STAB is an acronym whereas TLA (Three Letter Acronym) is not. I personally subscribe to JALOOB - Joint Agreement for the Limitation Of Outrageous Buzzwords.
  10. FRY in 1995. A dashing young blade of a staff officer at MND (N) suggested that, due to contingent draw-downs and relocations, the Norwegians and Nigerians should be co-located. The resultant unit designator Of NIG/NOGBAT was not well received.
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  11. WRAF - Well Rough As ****
  12. I heard this morning of the introduction of TPIMS (Terror Prevention and Investigation Measures)pronounced T - PIMs. I prefer 'Terrorpims' myself
  13. REME - Rough Engineering Made Easy, Ruin Everything Mechanical Eventually or Royal Engineer Minus Education
    QOH - Queers on Horseback
  14. You thick matelows can't spell.
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  15. OK Ill bite lumpy whats ARAB and confirm STAB.