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I keep getting "Server is busy" message, takes me 3 or 4 attempts to load it up.
1. I also keep getting "Server is busy" message, takes me 3 or 4 attempts to load it up.

2. Settings page looks all cluttered up and overlapping.

3. Tried to attach a snapshot of settings page but gave up after 5 minutes.
I get 'Server is Busy' comments too.

But I suppose if I let the wife mow the lawn, iron all my clothes (immaculately) and demand my dinner and a cheeky beer at EXCATLY 16:19hrs just for the start of Deal or No Deal, then I deserve all I get.
Me too, server busy every few clicks.
This is the only issue I've run into for the last several days. Thought the forum might have been under "Chinabot" attacks like Military Photos.Net used to get a few years ago.
the ruddy adds keep taking over the whole page,


I seem to get this server busy message every time I try to send a pm meaning I have to retype the bloomin thing all out again


Just as it was getting interesting YIB, I was very much enjoying your stories of your experimentation with wearing make-up, wearing ladies panties, wearing stilettos and also the stories about your adventures with your new boyfriend, "Big Dave" ...he sounds like a keeper ;-)
We've turned off the right bar which we're hoping will make the server less busy .....
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