Served seven years, was never an Officer... Back to look into it?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by -=2RTR=-Somnus, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. Gents, Ladies...

    Bit of a question... I served seven years as a lowest common denominator with the Fusiliers and 2nd Tanks... I have spent the last four years working over seas as an Operator and Senior TL running PSD operations for a Province in Afghan.

    Besides the very good money overseas... I'm considering my limited options to rejoin. I'm 32 now and know that I have until 34 to join up again as per the Army website... I wanted to join the Army Air Corps and fly Apache as all my previous experience has led up to that job prospect... Unfortunately the AAC informed me that I'm too old... I'm in better shape now then I was in the Infantry, which is kind of flustering... Especially when I decided to do what I've done so as to be a better aerial hunter...

    Moving on...

    I was offered a commission several times while I was serving and the Adjutant General has assured me my education suffices.

    As of now, I'm trying to find out weather my age limits where I might be able to go and who would even waste their time with such an old crusty 32 year old like me... I thought Royal Marines or Para's... After working with so many Royals they do seem to have a good idea about life and what a team is. But, any suggestions, help, or constructive comments would be appreciated...

    Further to my last... Is there an appeal process or anyone that could help me with achieving any kind of rotary pilot slot? As this is the field I would be most driven and comfortable in...

    Thank you for your time...
  2. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    To enlist as a soldier in the Regulars you must be in Phase 1 training before your 33rd birthday not by 34. For officer you must be in RMAS before your 26th birthday unless applying as a PQO. Then the ages are; Padre - 49, GP - 55, Physiotherapist or pharamcist - 34, Vet - 31, Lawyer - 33, Dentist - 55, Registered Nurse - 40. From what you have posted I am afraid a career back in the regulars is not going to be an option. You could look at TA as the ages are different (soldier must be in before 44th birthday and officers must be commissioned by 35th). However you cannot join as a pilot in the TA.
  3. I'll get stick for this, but the RAF Reserves have an upper limit of 50. RAF Regiment is 55 with previous experience.

    Just a thought.
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  4. Don't bother trying an 'appeal' to get in a pilot, you've missed the boat by some distance. I'd say that also applies to all branches of the regular military.
  5. Try the RAF, NCO aircrew route, then commission a couple of years later, NCO aircrew upper limit is 36.
  6. Aircrew route is what I'd suggest too.

    The crabs are always keen to commission from the ranks. Especially aircrew.

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  7. I'm always deeply suspicious of people who say that they were "offered a commission" as this really is not the way things work. The OP may have been recommended to attend AOSB/RCB, but this falls a long way short of "being offered a commission".

    However to address the questions, the OP has missed the cut off to be loaded onto the Army Pilot Course (at least as an officer) by several years and no amount of appealing will change that. He is also to old to attend Sandhurst as a DE. It would seem that the reserves may be the only option and that flying (at least as a pilot) is off the table.
  8. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    Pretty sure I said that back in post #2
  9. I once found myself sat in front of my OC being offered the above "opportunity."

    Apparently laughing was not the way forward.

    I think the OP is mad. If he's got lucrative work elsewhere he should be learning a skill valued in the private sector and enjoying life.

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  10. Because he's the kind that can't make his mind up, gets itchy feet and/or suffers from "grass is always greener" syndrome.
  11. We all suffered from that at least once. Either that or we were just stupid enough to join once never mind twice.

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  12. You're too old to apply for the RM as an officer, unless you get an age waiver (which is unlikely, sorry!)
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  13. He's still young enough for regular RAF Officer service, too.
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  14. You can always try Israel's Armed forces, as long as you are not a Muslim, that is not to say they will take any one, as we all know they have some of the worlds best fighting people. Unless of course you were thinking out loud, which I have found out at times to be a bad idea.