served in belfast?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by phillymoggs, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. hello.

    st ories needed for an up and coming book on soldiers who served in northan ireland.

    stories from 84/85 needed, and mid 90's- but all stories will be put forward.
    have a look at the website above

    ken_wharton @
  2. Served in Belfast?

    Yes, thanks!
  3. North Howard Street, knew it well!
  4. I'm quite young looking but I got served in Belfast the other day.

    T C
  5. You got served. Brap.
  6. Ulster fry? Yes, quite widely.

    There's more to the Province than Belfast, you know. You might want to change either your first post or the thread title to show you're aware of that.
  7. I din't see anything about NI on the news. Maybe this particular journo is brewing something!!!
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    No this has been done before in the history section. ken is a serious bloke and keen to let us tell how we saw it rather than it fade into the PC history of new labour no shame whitewash.
  9. "SEEN!"

    I never served in the Province but my old man did several late seventies and one early eighties tour so I'll see what I can get him to come up with if he's game.

    I know of one very good story he could tell but i've only ever heard it from my two uncles who served with him.
  10. Snap - had the pleasure of residing in room 213. :salut:

  11. Slipper City.....
  12. spent time at 'the mill' 93/94, and was also there 97 after it had gone (can't remember the exact year it went?) . strange on my last tour as so much had changed. Still, all seems like a lifetime ago.
  13. Laverys Bar and gin palace, bottom of the Springfield Road.
    Got the T-Shirt
  14. Belfast and Derry in the 70s have some photos from Derry
  15. D&D's '83-'85 resident Bn posting. Worked mainly Armagh but occasions up to Belfast. North Howard Street Mill, the best Choggie shop there was!