Served in Afghan and iraq, for this...

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by KeepCalmCarryOn, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. Hopefully he can get a job where he can still serve.

    Maybe at the School.

    As for the fcuking scum who did this. Not even 7 years between them for a senseless and unprovoked attack?

    Howabout I pop round with my "lightsabre" and burn their fcuking eyes out. I'll need 15 more blokes, stout and true, to hold their heads and limbs for the "procedure".

    We need the birch back... right now, coupled with tougher prison regimes and longer sentances to cure the rot that has set in to our country.

    The other day there was a thread about some cnut who through a bottle in to a crowded club and killed "accidentally" a mother of three. I am still awaiting a insignificant sentance for that fcuknut too.
  2. Seconded. With the knobs turned up to 11. :x

    And they wonder why people take the Law into their own hands?! 8O

    I feel a Warp Spasm coming on... :pissedoff: :threaten:
  3. Welcome home, hey?

    These pricks thought they were being 'hard'.

    Compare that to someone who has served in a war zone.

    I know which I find 'harder'.
  4. From the Cov Telegraph

    "Sentencing, Judge Peter Ross rejected the defendants’ claims their memories were hazy on the night of the attack because of alcohol.

    Addressing Dougall he said: “You went into the second incident with severe violence having armed yourself with a belt. You used that with such ferocity that you caused the savage injuries that have completely destroyed a young soldier’s life.

    “It is, as he has said in his statement, an appalling irony that he serves his country in Iraq and in Afghanistan, both very dangerous theatres of war, and comes through it unscathed and at the hands of a drunken yob like you he receives injuries that put an end to his soldiering career and have ruined his life.”

    Kinsella, who pleaded guilty to two counts of affray and who was described by Judge Ross as a drunken thug, was jailed for two years.

    Guild, who pleaded guilty to one count of affray was given a one-year jail sentence, suspended for two years. He must also complete 100 hours of unpaid work and is subject to a curfew for six months."

    The worst of the scum is down for an indefinite stretch according to the CT.

    Personnally I'd just put them down like rabid dogs.

    More Cov Telegraph sentencing

    Cov Telegraph James Robins' account
  5. This is just the sort of stuff that boils my p1ss.

    Utter cnuts.

    I hope that something can be done to keep him in. I do recall a lad that had one eye, way back in the day. He used to pop it out and put it in his pint, so I can't have imagined it, so I hope that there is something to keep this lad in.
  6. By the Skydome probably means they were in Jumping Jacks. Something like 90p a drink in there - great if you can hold it but there's a lot of trouble round there at kicking out time.

    Was this lad from 30/258? I vaguely remember hearing about it, didn't know the damage was so permanent.
  7. Not a hell of a lot we can do for the poor bugger, but if it helps in any way: ARRSE Whip-round? And no, I don't(unfortunately)mean taking a bullwhip to the cnuts who did this. :evil:
  8. Nice to see the "force's favourite" paper get it's facts right :roll:
  9. Completely blinded in his right eye and only colours and shapes in the left.

    Sickening. I cannot even express anger as words at this.

    Best of luck James, and we all hope you manage to continue your army career.

    Edited: He was at 30 Sigs i believe, or so the Cov Telegraph say.
  10. It's The Scum, mate; I'm mildly impressed they managed to get the bloke's name right... :roll:
  11. Good Luck young James. I hope the powers that be are able to find you suitable employment inside the firm.
    I'm sure we have all been involved in rucks outside nightclubs in our time and punches have been thrown (slaps in my case!), but what gets me is the cretin who thrashed him over 20 times with a leather belt - clear intent to cause maximum damage there. :x
    I hope they suffer inside - but somehow, I doubt it.
  12. Sorry to hear about this. Hope you get mend well James and hopefully the MOD will support you staying in. All the best
  13. As I have said before what we should do with these HARD people is put em in combats issue with 1 x pistol, 1 x mag containing 10 rounds and drop em from a chinook in the middle of Helmand then show us how HARD you are! why everyone watches from a UAV video screen!