Serivce Wedding

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by 6517johnson, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. Does Anybody know how to apply for a service wedding and what i need to do?
  2. Why would you want to? If people want to see 15 stone of fat c*nt stuffed into a brown suit and stood next to Bella Emberg they can go to a TA medal parade....
  3. your still at Harrogate so you must be bloody young!

    1st port of call would probably to ask your parents for permission. If they don't tell you to stop being so bloody stupid and wait till your older then wait until you finish your trade training and leave Blandford then write a letter asking if he will allow you to get married. Invite him to the wedding along with his wife and don't forget to ask permission to live out of the singlies block and in a house with your new wife (she might be over 16 by then!)

    Seriously getting married as young as your thinking is madness you don't want to be divorced by the time your 18! Enjoy being a young lad and the single life and if your still with the girl in a couple of years then think about signing half your pension away!
  4. by the time i get married next year i will already be 18, and so will she.
    i was just wondering for abit of Knowledge and just incase we decide to have one but thanks for abit of advice
  5. take out the tongue in cheek comments and there are a few pointers there but if you do go ahead with it so young give it lots of thought!

    I fully expect though that as soon as you get out of training and into your unit you'll fall into singly life and forget all about the idea. Have fun while your young and settle down when you've seen a bit of the world.

    Another thing - a lad in my troop in my 1st unit got married not long after his 18th birthday to his school girlfriend. She was 17 and due to go to uni the following year but dropped out here A Levels with 4 months to go till the exams to get married and move into the quarter in Tidworth. The marriage lasted 8 months and she is still down there, miles away from her family in Manchester and a single mother.

    While it might seem like a good idea just remember it will be a bit culture shock moving in together and living under each others feet 24/7. Everyone in the houses around you will more than likely want to help out but they'll be a bit older than you so you probably won't socialise with them whic could leave your girlfriend (*wife) isolated when you go away as chances are your mates from the troop will also be her mates and they'll all be away with you!
  6. That's a quality insult! :lol: