seriously wrong video clip of Spanish.

Is the open shirt and wiggling bum gay enough?

  • yes they should march in Brigthon!

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  • No they are hairy mothers and possibly born that way!

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The Spanish Legion strutting their stuff.

The wiki article on them is quite interesting if you have 5 mins of life to waste.
A load of fat cleaners mincing.

The even fatter bloke struggling to keep up at 3.35 is worth a snigger, and what on earth are those armpit sniffers doing at the end???
Remember doing an Embra Tatoo many, many years ago: Italian Bersaglieri sent a band.

Dear God! It was soooo WRONG: runnin' up and down the Esplanade, blowing a horn with a dead chicken on yer head!!!

Mind you, they were as fit as butcher's dogs - it takes some lung to trot up and down that piece of real estate a-blowin' on a B-flat trumpet!!!!

All as gay as fish, mind!


Now we like the spanish in our house...but my 6 year old daughter just stood and watched while I chuckled enquiring what I was laughing at, I said I couldn't tell her...she then said 'Daddy are they ladies...they look like ladies'...I shit you not!!!!

On a more serious note where they doing a similar pace to the LI? That looked odd when I first saw it....


I thought they were doing about 140 ppm but the arm swinging is so village people and the Frog legion march really slow in comparisom to everyone else. So why so fast, must be so it doesnt look like they are running away!


In all fairness here's the Jackets doing a similarish pace, and it may just be that I'm more used to it (and they don't have hairy chests displayed), but it does not seem camp at all...


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