Seriously pissed wives.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by revmodes, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. A woman scorned is.......... ferking expensive!

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  2. Its things like this that imprint on my mind and to always stay a good boy! Not worth the hassle and integrity and all that!
  3. You're either very young or stupid.
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  4. No Pictures of the Wife OR the Best friend involved...

    Poor drills ;-)
  5. My wifes Northern Irish and she knows where I keep the powertools! I would live in fear if I did anything wrong!
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  6. No just not a cheating scoundrel like you.
  7. Seriously pissed ? The damage to beautiful German engineering would imply pissed OFF wives , would it not ? Or are you a cultural whore that is happy for American speech to creep in to our vocabulary to make you sound cool ? It doesn't . I have a feeling you say ," Can I get a..." when ordering take away food.

    Please edit the title whilst remembering we are the United Kingdom , thanks.
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  8. She's not gone frigid on you yet, it'll come, you'll learn.
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  9. Ha ha maybe!
  10. I thought you meant 'pissed' not 'pissed off' you transatlantic nugget.

    My missus once got so lashed during dinner that she suddenly stood up and told the assembled company that she knew the rest of us had a cunning plan to drug her into unconsciousness and then hold a sex party whilst she was passed out, and film it, and put the video online.
  11. Did you?
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  12. It was the Christmas dinner for the longest-established law firm in the county. What do you think?
  13. So what website did you put it on?
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  14. If that county was Norfolk then yes