go on pull the other one it has bells on it.

Yet more proof that greed is the reason most go into politics,they might start off wanting to help their fellow man and sort the Country out but once they´ve had their noses in the trough they don´t want to climb out of it,why should they help other´s for nothing when they can earn millions for spouting shiite to foreigners who never had to endure his pathetic policies.
Hopefully he won´t be as shameless as T B.Liar and not pay tax on his earnings,at least he could pay a infantisimal ammount of the money he lost back?

Don´t hold your breath though!
if bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur is un mid east peace envoy can we expect broooon to be the next chief economist for the un?

just a thought.
If people want to pay to listen to him then more fool them.

However the man isn't even turning up in Parliament for the job that he is paid, by the taxpayer, to do. If he doesn't want to do the job then why does he not resign his seat and at least allow his constituents to be represented? Why is it in any way acceptable for him to refuse to do his job and yet make himself available for paid work elsewhere?

The man is a duplicitous cnut of the first order


Book Reviewer
He is having a giraff though.

Last I heard, his first book on heroism sold about 300 copies, and his second didn't do as well. I'm sure his biography, written as it will be with a black felt-tip pen and mis-spelling all the names of the people who were unfortunate enough to have had to deal with him will sell even less.

He might, just might get a few people to attend his inaugural dinner speech on the circuit, but it's all downhill from then on.

Nobody likes the twat, nobody did like the twat, and he'll never make much money for charriddee unless he's being sponsored to kill himself slowly with a million cuts-by-blunt-spoon, so even those grand social events will be deserted.

Like I say, if he's not having a laugh, he's deluded.
Surely this is an April Fools' Day joke dreamt up by a dyslexic! I would pay money to avoid listening or even seeing this appalling man.

A summary of his planned speech goes something like this:

The Gathering Storm:

I did not foresee the disaster as I was, and still am, wholly unqualified to comment on economics.
I was far too involved over-spending tax-payers' money and encouraging the population to over-spend.
Additionally, my limited attention span was mainly engaged in schemes to annoy and frustrate the awful man Blair.
My temperament and limited intellect were not sufficient to foresee the stupidity of my actions.

The Disaster

I had great difficulty accepting that a disaster of any description was upon us.
I could not conceive that anything but good could result from my handling of the nation's economy.
I was certain the problem was jointly caused by Mrs. Thatcher and America.
I continued to do all in my power to hinder and obstruct the financial and commercial endeavours of 'The City'.
The collapse of Northern Rock; Bradford & Bingley; Halifax Bank of Scotland and Royal Bank of Scotland were the result of a plot by southern Conservative backed capitalists and posh public-school educated 'toffs'.
My decision to bribe a dopey old man - Chairman of Lloyd's TSB - into 'buying' HBoS was a stroke of absolute genius and ensured Lloyd's TSB too teetered near bankruptcy.
My refusal, some say ostrich like, to accept that any action of mine was wrong helped fuel this 'blip' into a fairly dangerous situation. It quickly become clear that I was the only person capable of saving the world.
My 'great clunking fist' became a symbol of my strength and importance and was admired by President Obama and the Chinese leaders as they sat at my feet and watched in wonder as I saved the world.

The Aftermath

I am not certain, unusual you may think, but in the aftermath third-raters like Mandelson, Balls, Millysomethings, Harman, Abbott and others managed so ineptly to lose the General Election.
I promised the awful public-school educated 'toff' Clegg that I would lead him and his party to glory in a coalition.
Astonishlingly Clegg refused, although his only good man the remarkable Vince 'Hindsight' Cable begged him to shelter under my coat-tails.
I left No. 10 in a huff leaving the country to its fate.


I am arrogant; intellectually challenged; socially inept; psychologically flawed; unsuited for any form of public life; full of envy spite and malice; dogma driven; surrounded by bigots; hated by my closest friends and colleagues and undoubtedly the worst ever:


a unique and distinguished Double First - albeit not a 'First' at the posh public-school educated toff's establishment Oxford, such as was obtained by Cameron, Hague, Johnson and other over-privileged toffee-nosed Tories.

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