Seriously, looks like were going to have to vote Tories...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by loggielad, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. I hate to say it, I'm no fan of David 'the toff' Cameron, but if Labour get in again next year, God help us...please welcome President Of Europe Tony Blair....which means well never get rid of the Labour cronies, and they will have even more power.
    Now the Conservatives are openly forecasting doom and gloom, including massive cuts to the public sector...means fewer Police on the beat, which is something we need more than ever. But what real choice do we have, being realistic?....

    I think it will be certainly dead close next summer between the two parties, and I hope to God the awful Labour party leave government. Seriously though, who will vote Labour in next May, if so why?
  2. Dave has to bring the referendum to the ballot box or people will vote UKIP, Labour haven't a cat in hell chance second time around but if Dave doesn’t pull his finger out with regards to the EU, Tories and euro sceptics will turn in their droves to UKIP. If he pledges it, It vote for him on that alone!!! Not that I'm a tory or owt ;)
  3. Having been firmly convinced I was going to vote Conservative for several years I am now pretty sure I will not be.
    Primarily because he will not take a stand on the Lisbon Treaty and partly because of the economic policies being laid out at the party Conference.
    I have reached the conclusion that the only difference between Cameron and Brown is how they will play with my money. Neither intends to let me keep much of it and both intend to chuck it around like confetti. Yes some of the Conservative policies have merit but neither party has much concern for the little man.
    Neither is honest.
    Both are complicit in selling the country out the EU

    There's nothing much between them.
  4. In my view, unless your existing MP is a good'un, vote for the candidate most likely to defeat the sitting tenant and destabilise the lot of them.
    With a few exceptions, they are all rubbish, with only their own interests at heart.
  5. So whats that the Chaos theory :roll:
  6. so, who would you suggest?
  7. much like one of the posters above, I seriously though t I was going to vote Tory, but given his steadfast refusal to commit to a referendum on the EU and some of the dross policies they have come out with this week, I think I will be voting for 'none of the above'. I would rather waste my vote than be complicit in sanctioning any of these arrseholes to reside in 'the palace'. It really does depend on how the polls are going at the time.
  8. It looks to me like all the parties have good and bad election promises, hard to point to one and say "thats my viewpoint 100%". Could it be that this is the election that the people in Britain decide to push for a hung parliament in the hope of a coalition government. Or are we looking at a Conservative landslide as being the easy and obvious option.
  9. What the fvck is it with this 'Toff' thing?

    What is a 'Toff'?

    Is HM The Queen a 'Toff'? Is HRH The Prince of Wales a 'Toff'?

    What a waste of thought-time! BBC doing its bit by proclaiming that Mr. Cameron was 'quaffing' champagne bought for £130.00 a bottle! So sodding what?

    The provider of the champagne said the price was about £30 a bottle.

    Let us all get over this stupid 'class' sh!t and get on with saving the country from bankruptcy and the European Soviet & National Socialist Union.
  10. Only a Liberal can ever hope to be an MP in my area. Other two parties get no look-in.
  11. jagman, just admit it, you have never had any intention of voting tory. you have always planned on voting ukip. Hopefully you and the rest of the single issue individuals do not ensure a hung parliment with the dynamic duo Brown and Clegg in charge. That would be a real result.
  12. It's Krystal clear to me...................just going by the performance of the current incumbents I am quite happy to say, " Look at the massive debt you've got the country into, you useless bunch of imbeciles".

    It's "Conservative" for me. There is truly no third option. Except a military coup of course and that's just hypothetical.

  13. Not true at all I'm afraid. I'm your classic floating voter with no party allegiance. Why would I tell porkies about it?
    I would much refer to vote Conservative simply on the basis I think they are the best chance for somebody getting a grip on government spending. I don't agree with a lot of their policies but they are the best of a bad bunch.
    As I have clearly stated I view the EU and the Lisbon Treaty as the biggest issue facing this country and Cameron refuses to tell us what he intends to do about it.
    As for a hung Parliament, thats democracy for you. Yes I will vote with that risk in mind simply because I believe that unless the Lisbon Treaty issue is addressed the UK is fooked anyway.
    Is a hung Parliament a bigger threat to the UK than the EU? I'm not convinced.
    If Cameron gets off the fence and gives us a policy then I may well vote for him, if he doesn't then I will vote elsewhere.

  14. Agreed, total irrelevance. This is a tactic Liabor use at their peril, if the crewe and Nantwich by-election is anything to go by. We need a strong decisive leader, we certainly haven't got that in Brown. Wether cameron steps up to the plate in this regard, remains to be seen. However, there is no choice, IMO.
  15. There is a choice, those parties who will give us a say on Lisbon.

    A vote for the tories as it stands is a vote for Blair as president.

    Cameron is LYING about Lisbon, it's a done deal.